Wednesday, January 20, 2021


 Meanwhile, at the White House.....


And in the famous words of Tangina Barrons.......

Sweet Jesus, Mary Mother of Pearl....I never thought we'd make it!!!!! And this picture from yesterday, made me feel happy and gave hope.

All I offer is this quote, one of my favorites, for the day.

"We cannot change the past, but we can change our attitude toward it. Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness. Tear out arrogance and seed humility. Exchange love for hate-thereby, making the present comfortable and the future promising," Maya Angelou

Happy Inauguration Day

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


I didn't know if I wanted to do a post about this most jubilant news or not, but yes....I did indeed say yes I wanted to post this. It was with great news that President - elect Joe Biden announced today that he will nominate Pennsylvania's top health official, Dr. Rachel Levine our Secretary of Health, as his Assistant Secretary of Health, who would become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the US Senate, and the first in a president's administration appointed position. And one that I feel is very well deserved. Dr. Rachel Levine is a brilliant woman, and I know I speak for the people of PA , well, those of us with common sense, that we couldn't be more proud of her and her service to our state. Levine has long been a respected figure in PA political and health communities. She has been very much involved with daily briefings during our pandemic, and very instrumental with getting state relief and safety guidelines and supplies in place not to mention getting the covid app set up and ready to get out. She and our governor worked perfect together during these tiring times. And let's face it...if confirmed she is going to really give the trans community a huge push in the right direction. So yes...I think it's important to feature this and get it out there, visible.

Levine is originally from Wakefield Massachusetts. She is Jewish, grew up attending Hebrew school and even as far back then she recalled that while she was growing up, her rabbi did not talk about LGBTQ issues. She earned her high school diploma and then went on to Harvard College and the Tulane University School of Medicine and completed a residency in pediatrics and fellowship in adolescent medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Chicago. She then went on to a fellowship at Mount Sinai in NYC. After moving from Manhattan to central Pennsylvania in 93 she joined the staff at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, which during her tenure there, she created Penn State Hershey's adolescent medicine division and eating disorders clinic. She was in charge of the latter when she was nominated for the position of the Pennsylvania Physician General in 2015, where she stayed till Governor Wolf in 2017 appointed she to Secretary of Health and she was unanimously confirmed from both sides respectfully. Levine transitioned in 2011 and with not much fanfare surprisingly...the way it should be. Levine is also a board member of Equality Pennsylvania, an LGBTQ rights organization and has two grown children. Just prior to Transgender Day of Visibility, Levine discussed her role in the fight against COVID -19 and how her visibility can make a difference in the fight against anti- LGBTQ and especially trans stigma.

Congratulations, Dr Levine!!!!! Much luck to you!

And we thank you for your service to our citizens of PA.


Meet Christopher! This queen hail from a most brilliant country...New Zealand, and is another queen bringing a new take on drag. Chris Olwage is an experienced performer on many genres of dance and performance art. He got his start on his appearance on New Zealand's Got Talent in 2012. Who even know there was a New Zealand's Got Talent?? But he tore the stage up with his ballet talents and antics, His Black Swan was a smash hit. Since then his personality has shifted to more gender bending, blurring of the lines, and I love what he has metamorphosed into. He has created and performed in work of art performances that offer alternative and off the wall perspectives of dance and society. He likes to challenge boundaries and push the limits of what drag should be, and how a ripped dude can show the fem side, and come across demure, all whilst entertaining an audience. His shows, Chris Oh! now entail mostly drag and burlesque, where he dips his toes into the pond of fetish, and has the sensual, deeply sexual and darker showgirl feel to it. His style and costuming in the burlesque shows are his obsessions with Georgian, baroque and Rococo times, while his routines have a sense of frivolity, wanton hedonism and excess and good debauchery. He is now considered one of the top 10 burlesque dancers in the world...not bad considering he's a man right? I first became enthralled with him when I did the Boy-lesque show the last year of the existence of the Raven, when I still enjoyed drag, but wanted to take it a different avenue. If your not shy, it is great fun I can tell you that. Sickening, painted mug and the lack of costumes by the end of his routines.... I mean plumes and feathers are all one needs really...and that bod and talent?!? Did I mention he was also once Mr Gay World? 

Monday, January 18, 2021


Welcome back, hunny's! 

The last two episodes have come and gone, and our drag queens who were forced to lip sync, and then held captive in a loading dock, and were told they would be voting each other out of the competition, were finally able to show what were made of, while the week before, "the winners Circle" also had a showing. But I'll be honest, the first three episodes, I feel, of this season have not shown us dazzling production numbers or avant-garde fashion shows. The show so far, feels sluggish. I mean, the UK version already had their first elimination, mind you shocking elimination, but that's a whole other powder dish girls.  I still think the "winners circle" has the stronger talent and point of views, with exception to Rose and Uthica. Both episodes  also found the queens in redo's of RuPaul songs, where the queens had to make up lyrics about them selves, while also doing their own group choreography to the given songs. The rest of the episodes represented a far more normal season premiere/RuPaul infomercial. But first, both groups of queens were in Drag Race fashion shows, featuring two categories: Ladylike daytime eleganza, and “vampy, nighttime whore.” I love a Drag Race fashion show, but this one doesn’t quite meet the high bar set by previous seasons. While there are no iconic Violet Chachki two-in-ones, there are definitely a few standouts. My personal favorite was  Gottmik’s Elvira-does-burlesque form-fitting nighttime gown, and her happy go lightly day look. Gottmik is still in my top three. I will almost be glad when the groups merge, because right now I feel like I'm watching the same show twice. 
And when that bitch it the corner of the stage in her lame runway could have picked up my jaw off the fucking floor. All these girls are great, but it is evident that she and Uthica, with their point of views and talent are way above the rest.
I have so far loved everything Uthica has brought. If she brings half of what I have seen her do off the show...oh hunny. She does remind me of Crystal Methyd and Tammie Brown,  but has a more finished elegance to her. And I adored her balls daytime look. Of course I would like anything to do with balls.

Some of my dragservations...

Gottmik is maybe not as comfortable on stage as, say, a Kandy, Tina or a Symone, but Gottmik is perfectly delightful. The judges praise her looks and the versatility she’s been able to show this early in the competition. Every episode I look more forward to seeing her over everybody else.

Kandy Muse. No shocker here: Kandy performs the shit out of her almost completely unintelligible verse in the RuPaul song. Pour a cock a tail out for the VH1 closed captioner. Much like her personality, Kandy’s runways on these episodes are psychically overwhelming, but extremely entertaining.

LaLa Ri falls towards the bottom of her episode for me. She definitely has the most pedestrian daytime look, and her verse isn’t particularly memorable. And if I see one more pant suit or body suit, I 'll scream. She’s significantly buoyed by her winning personality, and she gives good head, you know face...but I still don't see her sticking around.

Tina Burner rounds out the top of the field on these episodes. Her looks are polished across the board.... everybody say thank- you and bow to talented Florence D’Lee. And she saves the best for last: a tinman-inspired lamΓ© garment complete with the reveal of a sparkling, ruby heart. It’s quite excellent. But I adored her day time eleganza look.

I’m not a huge fan of Elliott, but I’m kind of obsessed with the self-destructive lack of impulse control it takes to walk into a room of competitors (of whom you have been dubbed “the worst”) and immediately antagonize, Kandy and Tina, the most two most confrontational bitches in the room. Can you say confidence goals? One thing I will say, is that Elliott looks technically great her entire episode. I especially like both her daytime and nighttime looks. I was there for her nighttime look complete with whip. That would soooo be me.
 Each look is a finished concept, and seems to understand the assignment. It all just feels a little hollow with her personality.

Tamisha Iman didn’t place in the pageant this week, but there’s no doubt she made her mark. Almost every werkroom conversation revolves around her, and it’s probably because she’s fucking fascinating. But I still don't see this pageant queen going to far from the werkroom.

I think this will be the extent of Kahmora. 
Enjoy while you can. Although,  she lasted longer than Sam Cushing's Instagram story apologizing for his Puerta Vallarta trip during covid.

RosΓ© is very obvious to everyone that RosΓ© intends to obliterate the competition this season, and lord help any queen that stands in her way. RosΓ© has a level of unimpeachable self-confidence that would probably be considered a personality disorder in other professions, but if you’re a Manhattan-based drag queen,  it’s basically a prerequisite to performing at Hardware. While I like her looks so far, and I think she will do well, I'm not feeling the personality just yet....but what a showdown lip synch with Denali.
RuPaul names Denali and RosΓ© the top two of the week, and they are made to duke it out to Britney Spears’s “If U Seek Amy.” It is quite a spectacle. Both queens approach the song with the confidence and expertise of a seasoned performer but ultimately, Denali has the edge. The precision of her stunts come right on time and feel perfectly on brand for the Britney bop. Ru awards her the win, and you just can’t deny it feels correct. But my jury is still out of Denali. She still hasn't sold me what's she selling. Yes, dear....
And Joey Jay? I know its early, and call me old fashioned, but the all the looks have been the same silhouette, no wigs, pretty much the same face and showing of skin. I like my queens with hair, and lots of it hunny. The first couple of episodes, I would think you'd want to show your versatility, like a few of the others have done. What's it say when I look more forward to and have more  respect for the himbo energy Joey is bringing to the confessional booth, and werkroom? After being on a live Instagram this weekend with Gottmik, Tina and Ellie Diamond...I said I like boy Joey more and his nudes. I still think she will be one of the top three gone. But Joey... feel free to send those dick pics.

Besides Gottmik on these episodes, the queen of drag queens herself had me drooling and having a orgasm over her glorious and stunning hair.
Yes Michelle. Who did you think I meant? Werk that flip gurl!  I need that hair!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week, “losers” and “winners” will join together in what’s sure to be a thrilling spectacle/COVID-compliance nightmare. Place your bets, bitches. Tootles till next week.


What an intresting time and climate this Martin Luther King Jr Day finds us in. Some images of the talented photographer Gordon Parks. And what have we learned since his fateful end?

Over the last two weeks, I take the current climate in, not only did we have issues with the color of skin, and sexual orientations... but now it seems a divide like no other in politics and other areas. It seems the country is far greater in differences, then we have in common. My favorite quotes of King's in the last one. And is so true. If this country doesn't stop the hate on many issues and levels and live and work together. We' doomed. And will die fools. 

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