Thursday, June 30, 2016


While I was out on vacation it seems a lot of stuff went on. While I was away........
Did this Brexit come out of no where?!? Now I know I ignore news a lot, most of it brings me down and is depressing, hell if not for Bob, I wouldn't get any probably. But when I heard England may leave, and did, Europe, I was shocked. Hard to imagine England not being part of the rest of Europe. Makes me wish Texas would leave our union!!!!
Well, it seems Philadelphia is gearing up for the Democratic National Convention. From July 25-28, 2016, all eyes will be on Philadelphia as the city hosts the Democratic National Convention. 
Last summer it was the this.Lots of hub bub in town, and if anyone will be in town for the convention, and any hunky delegates who need a room, and can't get one, I'm throwing open my doors at the Casa du Borghese... free of charge!!!! I roll like that! To welcome delegates, elected officials, and citizens from around the nation to Philadelphia for the DNC, the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention will unveil Donkeys Around Town, a citywide public installation of 57 fiberglass donkeys representing the 50 states, five United States territories, Washington D.C. and Democrats Abroad. In partnership with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program and Art Jawn, the host committee sourced more than two dozen local Philly artists to paint the 250-pound fiberglass jackasses. Each of the 57 donkeys will include the name of the state it represents, and iconic imagery from that state or territory. A small preview, courtesy of a friend. I will try to get down there and do a post on these if my schedule permits. You know I just love asses.
And there's ole Eddie Rendell.
Say what you may about Christina Aguilera.
I have always been a fan of hers and the girl has some amazing pipes on her. While she has had issues, she has far more talent then  that Brit, or Be-yawn-ce. Christina is pretty much a good egg. And I feel she is always right on point with being hip, and ultimately she means well. Well... she went and wrote a song and performed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live in remembrance for the Orlando victims, called Change. Hell her song Beautiful still has me in tears.

Speaking of Orlando. On my one day back betwixt my two trips, was for a special drag show with the girls.
Your seated hoe and the Girls of New Hope had a benefit show to raise some doe for the victims and families of the tragic event.  We had a great showing and ended up raising $ 5,000 at $20 a head, from just tickets to get in. With tips, it came to around $6500. Pretty damn good. But the better news was my company I work for matched it and we sent a big fat check to the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida!!!! The center have also set up a GoFundMe page, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Orlando shooting victims and their families. Donate here
Speaking of New Hope, it seems the Raven has went and upped the fun. By now you have heard me talk about their infamous pool, but now they have extended the pool fun. The all new Late Night Pool Party:
 Swim, eat and drink at the pool and cabana bar every Saturday until 1am!!!! DJ Will K spins the tunes. This sounds like just to much debauchery for me. I'm in!!!! And let us not forget these swell  favorite nights....
Ahhhhhh..... and speaking of spinning...Calvin Harris!
I love a handsome guy and dance music. This cutie finally came to his senses and dumped that imitation of song and talent Taylor Swift. HE dumped HER. Shocked right? Well, he went and concentrated on his music with another summer tune, and just happened to pose in his speedo!!!
Oh Calvin...I sure hope you didn't do this on my account??? While nice, I prefer him in regular trunks, but nice to see he likes nipple play!!!!
You'd think the Mistress would have enough gin here at the Casa to take me to, and get me through, the apocalypse right? I mean there is Hendricks, Blue Coat, Sapphire, Tanqueray, Barr Hill, Boodles, Opihr, what time is it???? Anyway, when I got home a friend had sent me this.....
I'll soon have as many gins as I do men!
And finally......
I just knew my fans would come in handy one day. With my skin getting deeper color, I hate to wear clothes at night till the stinging goes away.
So I may take up fan dancing. So there's that.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


There is only one thing worst than two phenomenal queens at a show together. Try ten! Big hair, big nails, big personalities!!! I just hope they are using their Jungle Red nail lacquer. Ru outdid herself for the selection this time.So who’s going to lip-sync for their life this time around? The season is heavy with season 5 queens, a good season in my opinion, — including the reunion of the tart-tongued clique RoLaskaTox (Roxxxy Andrews, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Detox) — as well as longtime rivals Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese. Viewers will also get a healthy dose of laughs from season 7 comedy queens Ginger Minj and Katya, and season 6 runner-up Adore Delano will return as well. Finally, standouts from earlier seasons Phi Phi O’Hara,  and Tatianna, will also take to the Drag Race stage. Most of these queens have always been top notch, but have fine tuned their style since their seasons, and sharpened those claws. I myself will be happy who ever wins, but I have to root for my girls Alaska, Roxxxy and Ginger Minj. It's about time a big girl wins damn it. I'm starting to think Ru has something against big boned gals! But Alysaa has grown on me a ton!
Phi Phi O'Hara
Alyssa Edwards
Ginger Minj
Roxxxy Andrews
Detox Icunt
Alaska Thunderfuck
Adora Delano
Coco Montrese
Who are you feeling or rooting for on the All Stars??? The only thing better would be if RuPaul ever took all the winners sometime and did a season. Could you even imagine that show?????

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Have you ever marched in a Gay Pride Parade?  Do you know why you were able to?
On June 28, 1969 the Stonewall Riots took place at the Stonewall Inn at 51 Christopher Street in New York City, sparking a civil rights movement for LGBT community in the United States. Every time I'm at the Stonewall, I can't help but think of what went on that night whilst enjoying my drink.  Let's take look at what you could expect in America at this time, and why the anger was boiling just below the surface for so many LGBT people in the US:
Your name (along with all of your friends and family members) would be put on a list by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because as a homosexual you were prone to blackmail and "overt acts of perversion".
The United States Post Office also kept your name on a list to monitor any homosexual "paraphernalia" you were receiving so they could tip off the police and have you arrested.
You would be dishonorably discharged from the military, fired from your government job or job as a teacher or professor at a college if you were suspected of being gay with no legal recourse.
Your neighborhood would be "swept" periodically to arrest you and anyone else who was a presumed homosexual or wore clothes not "for" their gender.
The American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as a sociopath personality disturbance and you were considered mentally infirm (this did not change until 1973).
You could be arrested for holding hands in public with your partner.
For these reasons and others, some of these amazing individuals with heart and balls are why we , today, have the lifestyle and freedoms we have.
Frank Kameny-He has been referred to as "one of the most significant figures" in the American gay rights movement
Bob Kohler-a gay rights pioneer, who also fought for the rights of many other people and animals. He was at the Stonewall riots, and considered a father figure to many of the young trans people.
And a slew of drag queens.
As Gay Pride Month comes to a close...and we celebrate....we must always remember these heroes, and that historic night.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Over the last couple days , these images have made me smile and  made me feel good. Summer to me is this best time to really get out and enjoy nature..... Nothing more rejuvenating than the beach, the smell of it, and the feel of the heat on the skin....nothing more quintessentially summer than ice cream, the beach, and a old fashioned carousal to ride while at the beach. The only time I seem to ride an amusement is when I'm at the beach these days, besides the Casa of course.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hello everyone!
I've arrived safely back home...

It is always wonderful to return home, but I must admit, it does get very hard with the scale of service and accommodations one becomes spoiled with! While I was gone, the Casa was getting repainted and some updates done, so it was a perfect time for a get away. And boy oh boy, did a have a wonderful time. I shook my maracas but good. The first part of the holiday started in one of my favorite beach towns of Rehoboth Beach with Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan.  This lovely little spigot of land,Rehoboth never became synonymous with homo-hideaway the way Provincetown or Fire Island did; rather, it took a cornucopia-type route, merrily absorbing the latest strand of middle America and weave it into its laid-back,friendly, and increasingly diverse fabric: gay and straight, black and white, young and old, etcetera and one can't forget it's award winning taffy and fudge shops!!!! Or some cock-and-tails at the always lively Blue Moon.
Gratuitous MM#1 Fan shot warning......
Yes...we did take a ride together.....

Rehoboth was pretty relaxing, but there does tend to be much debauchery and late nights, and happy hours, and the social scene you know. Upon being back a day, Daddy Warbucks met me at the Casa and the next day it was off to Newport RI.

The Elms as seen on one of our walks.
I always loved visiting Newport, it was an old fishing port town before the wealthy decided that this was the perfect place to escape the heat of the cities… for just a few months a year. Then, they built… and built… mansions. Beautiful mansions with meticulously landscaped grounds.Their determination to outdo each other resulted in a collection of estates that rivaled the palaces of Europe.
Few Americans had ever seen such a display of wealth and opulence and few will ever see it again. These were palaces drenched with valuable furnishings, art and antiques and adorned with rich architecture. They called these places “cottages” and connected them via a Cliff Walk, so us passer bys could see them. The Cliff Walk wound from one estate to another on a path high above the ocean. I especially love walking Cliff Walk in the mornings, inhaling the fragrance of the wild shore roses and the brine kicked up by the waves hitting the rocks. To read about my first trip to Newport back in 2014 just click Newport in my labels for other entries. The main reason for a return for me was to go back and see Beechwood, the Astor's summer home...but alas, it is not open to the public anymore as it has been sold to a private buyer. But none the less, a good time was had by all. Daddy Warbucks had us beautiful lodging at the Ocean House Hotel
Ocean House was meticulously reconstructed to pay tribute to its storied past and offer exceptional personal experiences for guests, members and residents. Open year-round, Ocean House's celebrated hotel and residential accommodations, uncompromising service,and beachfront location all pay homage to New England's golden age of hospitality with timeless elegance.

While Ocean House offers a wide array of top-notch amenities, the two I decided to try was the Afternoon Tea and a spa day.I couldn’t have been happier with the ambiance, the atmosphere, the tea and spa. Afternoon Tea is served in the “Living Room”, which is centrally located. It’s certainly a formal setting, yet the stylish couches are comfortable, the stone fireplace makes it cozy, and the harpist who played throughout the duration of our tea added a celestial element that made the rest of the world fade away. Can't say I ever had a beach day and then took tea!!!
The massage, facial and body scrub was pure heaven. And don't get me started on the room. Warbucks did enjoy watching me take my baths....
One of the seclude beaches we found...and a hike down. Met some interesting people there.
Another day I was entertained by Warbuck's friend Jimmy on board Warbucks's boat he keeps docked up in Newport. I wasn't sure at first about this as yours truly can't swim, but after a gin and tonic or 8 ,who cared. I was just hoping he wouldn't tilt that damn boat on it's side.
The yacht Club
One can see the rooftop of the famous Vanderbilt house, the Breakers, in the background, among other "cottages"
In town one day for some exploring....
Loved this big fish above the bar at The Morring, one of two of my favorite places to eat....
And the other was Brick Alley Pub.....
I sooooo need this sign for the Casa!

There is no denying....this was a great first vacation for the summer on both trips, and as usual Daddy Warbucks wouldn't let me hardly pay for anything, which always manages to ruff me. But if your wondering, he was treated very well in my hands!!!! I still couldn't be more was much needed.
Ciao for now

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