Thursday, October 18, 2018


Buster looks over it as we show him a test shot from one of his photo shoots. His demands on the set were outrageous! Cocaine, gin, caviar, chew toys, Milk bones cut to a half inch exactly, and a female stripper named Candy to entertain. More shots to come.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Over the weekend, yours truly had company , which found us all over in my lovely little town up the road, after we enjoyed my mulled cider when they arrived. I think my friend Russel was feeling it before we even left. New Hope is always a very intriguing river town.  We were going over to enjoy the autumn weather, and drink and eat from pub to pub, a crawl if you will. Since we have been getting some new readers here, a lesson on New Hope, and what better time then Halloween. New Hope is a quirky, fun, and eccentric  town dating back to the mid 1700's. New Hope is considered the half point between Philly and NYC,  where travelers would stay overnight and be ferried across the Delaware River the next morning. The town being along the river also saw much commerce being transported as well as the mule drawn canal system. Up the road is also where George Washington made his famous trip across the Delaware River on Christmas during the American Revolutionary War.

 Years later, the town changed and became a artist colony...artists, writers, musicians and the like all found refuge and like minded people to be around, and that's when the town started getting colorful.New Hope was the location of an art colony, founded by Edward Willis Redfield and William Langson Lathrop, that produced noted regional work.  Members of the colony included George Sotter, Daniel Garber and Fern Coppedge. Artists also associated with an art colony in nearby Phillips Mill The members of the vicious circle the Algonquin Round Table often found themselves here like Art Samuels and Harpo Marx; Charles MacArthur, Dorothy Parker, and Alexander Woollcott. Dorothy Parker even bought a house here. Other notable residents have been  Stan and Jan Bernstein, Oscar Hammerstein, Aaron Burr,( my distant relative...yes you read that right), Odette Myrtil, George Nakashima, and James Michener.

Some time when the art colonies arrived, the town also became a hot bed for witchcraft, which makes sense,  since the town is a very haunted town. Many witches, wiccans, and there is even a warlock who owns of the most popular shops in town. You need a potion? He has one. The Dame stopped in this visit for his sage he gets to keep his house clean.  Last I knew, New Hope is still one of the most haunted towns in the US. While I have never seen a ghost, I have felt strong presences in certain spots and areas of town. You may remember years ago when NBC network anchorwoman Jessica Savitch and her boyfriend drowned to death after their car overturned into the Delaware Canal, at Odette's, a popular cabaret bar.

The Aaron Burr House

Nektar..the whiskey Bar we had a few in....quite an assortment.

Take all that plus New Hope's primary industry of tourism. New Hope has historically been a location where Broadway theatre shows are "tested and fine tuned", and many notable big screen and stage actors bought weekend homes in the area. The Bucks County Playhouse features many plays and musical productions. I last saw Betty Buckley and Angela Lansbury there. Finally in the mix....New Hope became a popular gay resort in the 1950s, and continues to have an active and extremely large gay and trans community as well as a huge motorcycle crowd on weekends in the warmer months. It's quite something, and you know what? Everybody inter mix's and gets along with everyone. Including the ghosts.
 I have yet to see a town anywhere like it and take quite the pride living here. And adore it's campest and sense of humor.Did I mention there is also a lot of S&M and sex shops?

Monday, October 15, 2018


Isn't it grand???
These three lovelies were sent in from Amsterdam from the lovely Midnight magpie from and near his apartment. When can I move in dear?

Happy Monday all!

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Normally on my bedroom window sill, I have had a gargoyle for years, sitting, watching, and keeping guard and warding off the evil spirits and prying eyes while I'm in my boudoir. That changed today. I noticed as I was dressing, the gargoyle wasn't there but something else...
...….what ever could it be? If your thinking what I think your thinking, your correct!
Not Bouvier, but one of Bouvier's babies took a half day lounge on the sill. I was beginning to think the little one couldn't get back down, to which I would have to eventually scooped him up and take him outside to the ground, but come night fall, he did indeed climb back down the bricks. I guess he wanted to change the guard and knocked the gargoyle to the ground. Luckily it didn't break. But this little guy was so cute and quite a hamlet.
Is that not the cutest?!?!?
"You know you love me"

Saturday, October 13, 2018


The Mistress is going to be tied up today with the Capital Street Duo and visiting Boy Wonders, who are coming to visit New Hope today, but with the current rain we will be limited to outdoor touring, at least till the sun breaks, so we may be reduced to being indoors, in pubs, for a few or a lot of stiffeners….tis life. It's been a calm morning around here so far. This little Hedge Sparrow was all by himself this morning taking refuge from the rain....

I was just waiting for my coffee. The lovely Agnes Goldberg De-Woofs sent me this lovely mug this week.
 I arrived back from NYC late to find a box. She saw the mug and thought of me enjoying all the critters here. She was hopping there was one that included a fox, but there wasn't, but found this one with a squirrel and thought of my Bouvier. THANK-YOU Agnes for the lovely mug!!!! I love it! It's gifts of thoughtfulness like these one remembers years from now. I will now have a coffee today instead of an expresso.
And to see a truly spectacular bird post head over to the handsome Mr.DeVice's.
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