Friday, June 22, 2018


Each week, I'll share a weekly guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words....
Hermann Rorschach 

Thursday, June 21, 2018



Eureka O' Hara

Miss Richfield 1981


Peaches Christ

Alyssa Edwards

Pearl Gates

Carmen Dioxide

Kennedy Davenport

Maxi Shield
contrary to popular belief , and judging by those jahoobies, this is not our Anne Marie!!!!!!

Kim Chi

Last but not least...the legendary Lady Bunny!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Never left it be said the Mistress has not given back to the community.

You know I am very skilled at what I do. I have been practicing since I came out of the womb on glitter.

I may have to go to Home Depot more. It's a one stop shop.

I like long things but this is ridiculous..

Another example of us singles dating on Grindr.

And people wonder why I suck so much cock. 

It's that time of year again, Pride. And we must not forget every year there seems to be a new ignorant bastard that has ill tidings and wishes for us.

I also got it hot from the street that Pence is indeed on "dating" sites. Unfortunately, I hear he hasn't had to may offers. Actually none, except the one from Kim Davis.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Well dear people...the Mistress's boudoir has now officially become a nursery. I mentioned about a week ago when I got back from vacation and opened the drapes a Robin had set up house on the window sill, and she had laid three eggs. All last week I checked on Roberta the  Robin and her eggs everyday. She did a great job of sitting on her nest and keeping the eggs safe and warm.  Sure enough on Saturday, before we left for the wedding one baby had hatched!!!!

Sunday morning baby bird #2 hatched!

By lunch #3 hatched! Triplets!
Roberta the Robin has made endless trips out in the yard and then brought back worms for her little babies.  They didn’t even have their eyes open yet, but they knew when their mom came near and they would wake up and open their mouths in anticipation.

We will checked back in again. Meanwhile the geese Oliver and Olivia and troop have vacated. No sign since last posting. But Saturday night, late,  like 2:30AM, I was outside enjoying a stiffener and the night, a benefit of being a nocturnal creature, and heard a rustling in the ivy bed. Out from under a weeping Japanese maple came 3 toddler fox!!!! They were all playing and hunting for mice I'm guessing,  in the ivy. They all saw me sitting and were only about a foot from me, and didn't seem to mind me. Boy are they ever beautiful. I'm assuming they are sticking together either because their on their own, or mother was out hunting.  On Sunday, I did however get a picture at the woods end of one of them. This might be the mother. I will say, they were entertaining to watch that night. I've seen them every night since.

Monday, June 18, 2018


I took this picture at Independence Hall several weeks ago. This statue is of Commodore John Barry.

Independence Hall is the building in which both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were drafted and signed in the late 1700's right here in Philadelphia by our Founding Fathers, who as you know wore wigs. Funny how years later, men are still moving forward, and changing the laws to be better for some of the population.

And they are still wearing wigs.


That should sum it up.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


This weekend the Lad and I, and along with other friends had a wedding to go of our good friends Jeff and Louis. Not only was it glorious weather for the event, and it was so cool to be having such a great affair during Pride month also ,and the venue was downright breathtaking. We went early as Preston was the photographer,  and he knew I'd love walking around before the event.

Jardin de Buis is one of the most stunning estate  and greenhouse venues I've seen maybe EVER, let alone in New Jersey, located just an hour outside of New York City, feels like you're transported to the French countryside. It truly is the perfect place for unforgettable "I-do's" as it offers a myriad of indoor and outdoor spaces - a manor house  a grand hall barn, two formal glass greenhouses, an orangerie, a formal potager garden, as well as extensive grounds for outdoor events.The gardens and landscape are part of an ongoing project begun in 1992 as a complete renovation and expansion of an eighteenth-century dairy farm on thirty-five acres. The original four structures and a single wooded hedge-row was all that was left of the abandoned farm in the heart of deer country. The gardens closest to the barn and manor house complex were structured around three courtyards formed by the barns, stone walls, and boxwood.

 Continuing around the house is a thyme garden that leads to the eastern court with the pond and white garden.  The greenhouses was salvaged from Rutgers University and designed around an English-style orangery. It is solar powered and heated. Behind the cow shed there is a nursery of boxwood collected from around the world. The place is also rustic at the same time, and architectural tidbits of sorts all over.

 It was rather one of the most beautiful events I'd been too and must say even got a bit teary eyed. It was that beautiful of a day.  And such lovely touches.

The handsome couple. Congratulations my friends!

 I adored the place cards table.
It was a late afternoon wedding, and there was not one , but two cock-a-tail type of event... and the reception and outdoor dancing was still going on when we left, going for a quarter pass 11pm.... we would have stayed, but we had the drive back to Bucks County. And to answer yesterdays post question, I did indeed end up dressing. A rare moment was caught when the Lad had to actually adjust my attire for a change.

Not sure why, but was touched the Lad took notice to my collar. I finally may have got him trained. A thanks to Preston for all the pictures in this post. He was also the photographer of the day.
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