Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello Monday!
Surprise!-surprise!...NOT the usual sighing-moaning-groaning- kicking and screaming a.k.a bitchin'
about Monday, not today anyway !!! Perhaps finally having a new attitude towards this day? Let's us not get crazy, it's only because I'm off today, and starting yet my next vacation kids!!!!!!!I could really get use to working two weeks at a time I say!!!!! Some favorite pictures and things that make me feel happy.... mixed with a few more from vacation pictures from the summer trips thus far....

On the beautiful canal in Amsterdam


Fountain at the Elms Mansion from Newport
who wouldn't want this chic potting shed?

 I love me some Peonies
anyone care for a slice????

How cool is this- what an amazing shot.
Can anyone resist the talents of Ann Miller?
A beautiful home off the canal near our hotel.

self explanatory!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


With summer here, I watch next to no tv, But come Sunday evening I have to catch Vicious!!!!

 I love myself some British comedy, and anything with this much smart insults in just delicious. Insult humor has never been more elegant than it is in this new half-hour show about longtime gay partners Freddie and Stuart, who communicate mostly through extreme snide remarks aimed at each other's age, looks and flaws. Ian McKellen is at his bombastic best as aging actor Freddie, the more aggressive of the two. The charming Derek Jacobi complements him perfectly as his put-upon companion. “I never know when I'm going too far,” Freddie says with a smirk after delivering an especially harsh zinger, “but I'm always glad when I do.”

Freddie was a budding actor and Stuart worked in a bar when they first met, but their careers are pretty much over and their lives now consist of entertaining their frequent guests, making sure that their aged dog Balthazar is still breathing, and hurling caustic insults at each other.

 Rounding out the cast is the adorable Ash, their hot new neighbor, they were hoping would be gay, but is straight.

Violet Crosby , (who is the best side kick I have seen since Karen Walker), a close friend of Freddie and Stuart, who has designs on Ash, their young, handsome neighbor ,Penelope , a dotty old friend of Freddie and Stuart, who can't remember anything, and their friend Mason ,another elderly friend of Freddie and Stuart, who is often as sharp-tongued as they are. I couldn't tell you the last show I laughed so much too, and the wise cracks are so damn funny. The Lad has already said I remind him of Violet, especially where they were getting ready to go out, and Violet says :" Let me just have one more sip" then proceeds to down the whole cocktail. Stuart then says, 'Would you like to just drink from the bottle dear?" Here's some quick clips of moment from season one so far.....

Has anyone seem this show yet?


Well, you'll be happy to know that all is well at the Casa du Borghese with the flora and feathered ones! Although while away the birds were not happy with no seed left before my arrival back. The gardens are also in their second phase of bloom....

Meanwhile , the golden finches have finally returned......
Bonnie and Clyde have really gotten used to my presence. I do believe if I left the windows open, they would come right in.... I love their cooing in the early mornings.
Both of their babies have survived , more juveniles now, they are all used to me. Rhett and Scarlett are the offspring. Nice to see they survived. Most dove babies in a brod don't make it. Down below on the gorund, and at times on the window sill I get upwards of 10 mourning doves.
bonnie and clyde with Rhett and scarlett


Rhett tends to roost and sleep on the window sill
Two of the house finch that visit
This fellow showed up last week with another and a baby. I believe it may be a Cedar Waxwing. I have also started putting out other seed that contains dried berries and fruit, pieces of nuts. What's interesting to see is that one parent will fly to the sill, grab a large seed, and fly to the tree, where it will proceed to break it open and feed it to the baby. Pretty neat. They also have a pretty song.
The larger seeds have also brought a Blue Jay and mate to the bedroom window. They have been known to peck at the window when there is no seed. Very vocal in the afternoons.
One of the many sparrows that visit. I can sometimes get up to 12 of them on the kitchen window sill at a time. Sometime even the doves join them. Talk about a feeding trough.
A friend of mine also stopped in one day with these lovely fresh two day old eggs from her chickens.....
Oh dear, I hope the birds looking in didn't see this!!!!!!
Some wild flowers from the lake.
Boy , you gotta love summer!!!!!! And those wonderful afternoon power naps!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This past week The Professor came over for a get together and see how my trip went. After dinner we settled in to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel over cock-a-tails and what a treat is was. Probably not for everyone, but I always seem to love anything unusual verse the popular. The movie sort of reminded me of my own clan of spectrum of friends. But the movie was  as pretty as a priceless picture with phenomenal sets. And the camp!!!
Often an icy screen presence, Ralph Fiennes is warm and twinkly in too-rare comedy mode as Monsieur Gustave, The Grand Budapest Hotel’s legendary concierge.
 In this peach of a role he’s a proper bisexual with a weakness for octogenarian billionairesses. One of them Tilda Swinton, slathered in five hours’ worth of ageing prosthetics) leaves him a priceless painting, much to the rage of her evil children including the oddly sexy Adrien Brody,
 don't ask, I'd tap that in a minute, who vows to disgrace/kill Gustave and his wide-eyed apprentice, Zero.  This is a gorgeous, six-tiered confection of a movie, cherry-topped with cool-points cameos from Harvey Keitel, Jeff Goldblum, Edward Norton, Bill Murray,William Devoe,Jude Law,Owen Wilson and Léa Seydoux. 
 Of course, lets be honest, I just ate up Madame D played by Tilda Swinton. I only hope the Mistress will be just as over the top when I hit my old age!!!


Addicting candy alert if your on a diet!!!!! Because your about to fall off the wagon.Ródiney Santiago, born in 1982, in São Paulo, Brazil, is a Brazilian model.When Rodiney takes off his shirt, we pay attention. I'm super gay like that. But when the Atlanta-loving gay Brazilian underwear model and reality star doffs his shirt for a movie, we grab our keyboards to make sure that you’re fully up to date. He is starring in "Paternity Leave"Matt Riddlehoover's next gay eye candy frolic. Best known for his numerous print ads in Brazil, Santiago has fast become one of Hollywood’s freshest new faces when he moved in Miami, USA, in 2008. Santiago describes himself as an easy going normal guy with great friends. He loves to live life to its fullest. He says he's the kind of person that likes to work real hard, and then head to the beach. I wonder if I should tell Rodiney I have a opening here at the Casa, you all know I LOVE have my San Paulo boys!!!!!!!!!!
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