Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I highly recommend my next installment of my autobiography.
Been around the world and I, I, I
I can't find my baby
I don't know when, I don't know why....

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Most of last week was spent in New York City as we had summer visual planning meetings and prototypes, and then I took two days off before the weekend. A good friend of mine who is in hr for the new Neiman Marcus invited me for a private tour of the new store, and the opening party for it. So I got me a room at the Whitby , and on my first day spent exploring to myself the new hot spot of New York.....Hudson Yards. Most of these type of landmark buildings and area were long established before my time, so it was rather cool, intriguing, and exciting to see this place for the first time and so fresh.Hudson Yards is opened on Manhattan’s far West Side. Related Companies pulled out all the stops for Hudson Yards, which has gone down as the the largest private real estate development in the United States history by square footage
I couldn't resist this picture for Bob.

 So far within the Hudson Yards is a seven story retail shopping plaza, several apartment and penthouse high-rises, several corporate headquarter buildings, a cultural arts and performing center and the piece dela resistance of the Yards.... The Vessel which will surely stand the test of time here at Hudson Yards, whatever your opinion of the design may be. It will be the draw that brings people to Hudson Yards in the here and now. It will certainly be one of the most photographed places in New York City, and already has been, and it will likely enter the anthology of landmarks that define the city.The elaborate, cooper-gleaming honeycomb-like structure rises 16 stories and consists of 154 flights of stairs, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings that visitors can climb. Designed by the British designer Thomas Heatherwick  It is, in a word, striking. Did I mention the climb is really fun, what an exercise, and the views are great?

The day ended on a entertaining one too... in the village....that mess Lady Bunny was spinning at happy hour.
More on my tour and party at Neiman's in a few.

Monday, March 18, 2019


...I smell a whiff of caring , concern and intelligence.  On my way to work today, I heard on the radio that the Prime Minster of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern announced that the country will be adopting more strick and more stern gun control....and get this, all three political parties agree.....and only 3 days after the terrible tragedy that befell them last week. And the vote, that will pass I hear,  will come 10 days after the shooting.  Mind you, not months or years and years later like in the good old US.  Our government politicians are either to scared to fight back or speak up , dont care, or are being bought and paid for by the NRA. Instead of saving more lives, they rather play greedy and get more money. Wake up you bunch of bastards and look to New Zealand for how it's done. Condolences to New Zealand and showing what is really impotant.....human lives....and working together. Bravo!!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Y 'all know I enjoy me , and can get behind a lot of holidays, but Saint Patrick's is one I have never celebrated a lot. Oh sure, some years I enjoy a good corned beef and cabbage dinner, but if you know me well, you will know I do love wearing green, being part Irish, but the Dutch and Czech parts could care less. But all three love love love, my Shamrock Shakes!!!!!!!!!!
This week I'm up too, ohh, I think only 6-7. My neighbor is coming over later. Maybe I'll share my last shake with him. Finain's Rainbow is on the docket for later as is a gin and tonic or two.
However you celebrate....
☘Happy Saint Patrick's Day☘

Saturday, March 16, 2019


I'll be out of town today for a birthday dinner for my dear Mother, who's bound to only get feistier. But I have a guest here today in my absence to be with you and watch the Casa since Miss Mooorecock appears to not be back yet. Tootles!

Welcome to Coffee Tawlk I’m your host Linda Richman.

On this show we tawlk about cawffee, dawters, dawgs, you know no big whoop just Coffee Talk. You’ll never guess who's at the Casa right now. I’ll give you a hint. I’m mad about them.I love to be waited on. That’s right it’s Houseboys. Come here bubala let me touch that thing. It’s like buttah.

Linda Richman: So P.S Long story short, this Houseboy #3 and my dawter  went to the theatrical summer camp in the Catskills together. And this one practically moved in.

Houseboy 3: They became my family my mishputkha. I never met a family so colorful.

Linda Richman: That’s a nice way for saying Jewish. Come on I kid. Why? Because I love. My houseboy  here, I wish you could see him here... by the looks of things  a quarter Jewish.

Houseboy #3: I’m Methodist and Jewish. I’m a 
Both: Mushu!

Linda Richman: Now wait a minute here, what's going on here. Should that thing be doing that?
Houseboy #3 Well Linda it does have a mind of it's own.

Linda Richman:  It's beyond me why the Mistress doesn't have you boys spade or neutered, or what ever they do to fix that thing. Slat peta maybe?

Houseboy #3 You need to get out more Linda. The things the Borghese House Boys can do with these things.....Like this....

Linda Richman: Don’t get me started, that  terrifyed me. I felt like fulnkn gestapha heliorahn helroshing hullishing en shmaza en my cappie. You know what I’m saying.

Houseboy #3: I’m only a quarter Jewish so I only know a quarter of what you said.

Linda Richman: Oye I’m dying. There it goes again. I’ve never known why anyone would enjoy that thing, reminds me of too many bris. It's beyond me why the Mistress doesn't use them for extra coat hooks, or rolling out knishes. you know what Im saying?

Houseboy #3: Linda, are you getting verklempt again.

Linda Richman: Talk amongst yourselves.  I'll give you a topic. Donald Trump is neither a human, or trumped anything. He, this mishegas, is either plant, mineral or vegatable. Discuss. Okay.... that’s all the time we have this week. My guest has been Houseboy #3. Again, I’m mad about you. 

Houseboys #3: And I’m mad about you, as you can see.

Linda Richman: You look great in beige, or is that flesh?. How one person can look that good in that vercockhta color. I will never know. There you have it. Goodday.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Tell us what comes to mind in three words with our weekly guest.

In three words
Diahann Carroll 


While we are still in the throws of cold transitioning of winter into spring...mind you, mild but far from the prefect spring summer hot weather I enjoy, yesterday I got a text from the Lad who is on vacation in Mexico. The hag had the nerve to send me a picture of the sun tanning ritual. 

Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds. I said just hurry back so I can use that ass for my laptop stand. I think we can use some inspiration to get the weekend some Salt and Pepa. This song always inspires moi, to sing in the mirror, love your body dears, were all beautiful in our on way, carry yourself like a queen, and you will attact a king. It's all good, from the front to the back, two snaps in the back for a body like that.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Have you ever taken the quizzes where you find out what superhero or villain you'd be? I have taken three at different times, and it always comes back as Poison Ivy. Now I know she may come across as a bit crazy and diabolical, I TOTALLY fill her shoes. I feel as humans, we are totally ignorant, and plain don't care about the environment, the land, plants and other species... and taking more and more land, because were dumb idoits that don't know how to repurpose old buildings and land already developed, and control our over population. We just keep wiping everything out, or killing it clear land, trophy hunt and such. I may come across as sweet, but my close friends know I can get very nuts, and side with earth and animals before humans. I can't tell you how many petitions I've signed for various causes. If I had her albities to create and control plants and let loose Triffids, and let animals take back the earth over humans...I'd be right there. I would be very vengeful. And our lovely current regime would not like me. It's no surprise our current one doesn't see how much damage their doing.  President Dump and his administration wants to roll back critical protections for endangered species. Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed a set of changes last week to the 45-year-old Endangered Species Act , which could undermine the basis of the law and put a number of endangered species, like the beautiful grey wolf,  at risk of extinction.  Zinke has said the changes are intended to "streamline" the policy, but the proposal would in practice gut the law of most of its power.  One major change would involve how the decision to list an animal as endangered is made. Zinke wants to remove language that instructs policymakers to avoid economic considerations in choosing which animals to protect. So under his proposed changes, the decision-making process could take into account the economic impact of listing a species as endangered, rather than relying solely on ecological considerations.

 A second change has to do with the difference between species listed as threatened and those that are endangered. Currently, the ESA affords the same protections to both. But Zinke wants to end that — which would remove protections from threatened species and potentially undermine decades of effort to restore their populations.  Third, Zinke's proposed changes would make it more difficult for a species to be listed as threatened in the first place.  Congress has also proposed some rollbacks of the ESA. When it was signed into law in 1973, the Act put scientists and other experts in charge of the process to establish which species should be listed and which habitats to protect. But various proposed measures in the House and Senate aim to give state governments more influence over these decisions while weakening the role of scientists. In practice, that could allow state governments that rely on habitat-disrupting industries like mining to give greater concessions to those groups.
The ESA is credited with bringing back a number of charismatic species from the brink of extinction, like humpback whales, gray wolves, peregrine falcons, and many others. And not only did the dumb ass put Zinke in charge but back in 2017 he also appointed some conservative, nerdy looking evil bitch by the name Susan Combs...Assistant Secretary of the interior, who hails from guess where...Texas of course. In her position she over sees the list for endangered species, but the one major problem with that is Susan Combs absolutely hates endangered species, doesn't think we should even have a list, and doesn't think we should have to work around them when we're trying to do things.She used her authority to oppose any Endangered Species Act protections, often teaming with the oil and gas industry. Combs along with the fat stupid bastard and his croonies,  will only work to strip away critical protections for our most vulnerable animals, not protect them. As long as  these users, and greed mongers are in charge and their industry pals make a profit, she won’t think twice about letting a species go extinct. 

Should I ever past one of these sorry excuses on the street injured crying for help and service, as a matter of life or death...don't expect me to do a damn thing. They can lie there and suffer. They can eat dirt and die trash. This video speaks volumes.
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