Tuesday, June 18, 2019


 Fresh Seafood realness.....
Toronto queen,  Yovska

She's ready for her date at the Red Lobster.

Monday, June 17, 2019


"When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free."--Barack Obama
"Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it's a good place to start."--Jason Collins
"The only queer people are those who don't love anybody."--Rita Mae Brown

"This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another."--Ellen Page

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"--Author Ernest J. Gaines

"I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You're not scared. You're an asshole."--Morgan Freeman

"It takes some intelligence and insight to figure out you're gay and then a tremendous amount of balls to live it and live it proudly."--Jason Bateman

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."--Harvey Fierstein

"All of us who are openly gay are living and writing the history of our movement. We are no more - and no less - heroic than the suffragists and abolitionists of the 19th century; and the labor organizers, Freedom Riders, Stonewall demonstrators, and environmentalists of the 20th century. We are ordinary people, living our lives, and trying as civil-rights activist Dorothy Cotton said, to 'fix what ain't right' in our society."--Senator Tammy Baldwin
Let's keep the fires burning bright....always!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!!


Have you ever wondered what it's like Monday at the Casa du Borghese with Miss Moorecock and the Mistress?

Don't look at me like that.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


This post is for Christina who said she couldn't wait to see the foxes. Since last time we visited the usual suspects around the Casa du Borghese, there has been much excitement. Over the last few weeks, I have gotten some beautiful pictures. I  knew the foxes were still here, for their screaming at night gives them away. It wasn't till my afternoon outing to see Anne Marie and Fearsome that I caught my first glimpse of her new kits. Oh my goodness are they adorable and have been very active in the ivy bed at night. I often sit outside very late, and it's amazing how close they get. But I dare not move. Surprisingly, they have been sighted in the day time when it's quiet here with everyone out.

The mother vixen by the refuse area. Look at that beauty!!!!!!
Two of the four baby kits this year. She has got quite the active bunch this year. The father has also been present. Red foxes pair for life. They remain together from mid winter through summer. In the autumn they become solitary, but then reunite to mate in January and February. New kits come along in early April usually.  On two separate occasion I got some fun video  on my phone one afternoon with my friend Pixie.
Brace yourself for cuteness.....

Meanwhile Ozzie and Harriett had quite the flock!!!!
I noticed one day there number went up. I wondered if they adopted some poor goslings that got left behind from another couple. Canadian Geese have a strong urge to be parental and have been know to even raise ducklings. To my knowledge they hold there own from the foxes. Just wait till my geese lay feet deep of goose droppings in DC!

Beautiful Red!!
 His female right now is molting and wouldn't have it to be photographed. A chirping sparrow sits behind him.
The Blue Jays are all grown now and currently have quite the noisy flock. Blue Jays and their young return each year to their location. I may have to count them in on my world domination to rid  DC of the evilness. Their not to fond of whats been going on. And as we know Jays are not to be trifled with.
Fun fact...the pigment in Blue Jay feathers is melanin, which is brown. The blue color is caused by scattering light through modified cells on the surface of the feather barbs. My neighbors must love the noise.
This fellow showed up in the woods. I believe it's a warbler of some sort.
What are you looking at?
My peckers have tripled!!!! I still have the Red Bellied couple. One can hear their drain pipe ditty every morning.
The cute little Downy perched on a rock
And I was very excited to see my first ever Pileated Woodpecker!!!! My god are they huge!!!! I have only spotted him twice, but I now know they are here.
One of the first and last birds to serenade is the lovely catbird. One of my favorite birds. They are actually quite intelligent and can emulate the sound of up to 12 other birds. But their own song is quite pretty. They often sing till the darkness hits.
A lovely mourning dove....
Nocturne flew in to repot about the great numbers of ravens, crows and blackbird numbers I have in my army now.  We are going to make the Birds film look like a walk in the park.
Last but certainly not least is my dear Bouvier, who tells me the squirrels are also part of my world domination on DC, by the tens of thousands. He says they have quite the diabolical  plan ready and in place. It will be total mayhem. Bouvier greets me in the morning to collect the peanut I take out, and drops me a few more tidbits of the plan. 

We all intend to smash the wheel.
Don't be fooled by our cuteness.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


From the Candy Shop today is a long favorite of mine. Many could be put off by him, but I have very eclectic tastes and don't mind a sense of humor and a guy who can enjoy his fem side. Here is Mark Kanemura  

If you've seen Lady Gaga dance, you've probably seen Mark Kanemura dance. He's the one dancing alongside her -- usually in a skirt and something leather. Kanemura who hails from Hawaii, hit it big when he landed a gig as a dancer for Gaga at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. That was just the beginning. He soon danced his way through the videos for 'Telephone,' 'Alejandro,' 'Born This Way,' and 'Judas,' and has been touring with the world's biggest pop star ever since.  But when Kathy Griffin retweets a Instagram  post, calling it possibly the gayest video she’s ever seen “in my life, you know it must be something special. It’s a good thing her declarations aren’t mere hyperbole, because if you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing Mark Kanemura’s Pride video, then your pride summer is off to a lackluster start. With over 6 million views at time of publication, Kanemura’s fabulously flamboyant viral video features him shasahing into Pride Month to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop gem “Cut to the Feeling.” Bathed in a swath of balloons, pride flags, confetti, a handheld fan, a teeny-tiny speedo, and multiple drag-inspired wig and outfit reveals, the video is a wonder to behold. Since then, he has his own dance studio and teaches dance and chorography. But look at that sexiness!!!!!!!!!!!! I find the flamboyant, fem and clowing very sexy indeed. I always look forward to his weekly videos.

His infamous Pride video....

And Mark with the art of flriting

Friday, June 14, 2019


In three words tell us what comes to mind with our weekly guest.

In three words...
Billie Jean King


How many times can one mentally prepare themselves over and over I ask myself.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


This month being gay pride month, New York Magazine has done 37 covers featuring drag queens!!!! On the covers of NYmag: How drag became America's new national pastime! "Oh, hennnnnny: America loves its drag queens. Moms do, kids do, your local gay bars do. Even McDonald’s does apparently. From the cast of the blockbuster remake of A Star Is Born to the pink carpet at the Met Gala — not to mention the millions around the world who’ve tuned in to Rupauls Dragrace for the last decade — what was once a glittery subculture on the edge of gay culture has become one of our global pop preoccupations with its own hierarchy of stars and story lines for the fans to get behind, marketing deals and Billboard chart-toppers. It’s become a very big business with its own star-power machinery attached. It’s become almost unavoidable. Their job is to make sure of it. The only downside to this though, I wish they would have featured some other queens not associated with the show too. From Lady Bunny, Hedda Lettuce, Varla Jean, Peaches Christ, Heklina, Miss Richfield1981, Coco Peru and many others, got their start, and created a national brand and popularity all on their own and ended up huge. But none the less, stunning covers ...it's almost like baseball cards. One might want to collect them all.

Yvie Oddly
Blair St Clair
Kasha Davis
Latrice Royale
Madame La Queer
Acid Betty
Alyssa Edwards
Coco Montrese
Ariel Versace
Tammie Brown
Ginger Minj
Alaska Thunderfuck
Nina West
Trixie Mattel
Pandora Boxx
Brooklyn Hytes
Raja O Hara
Tempest Du Jour
Darienne Lake
Stacey Layne Matthews

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