Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I have always adored Alyssa Edwards...and she may be heading toward the most successful queen yet from RuPaul's Drag Race. Alyssa Edwards and Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics  present “Supreme” — a music video to accompany the launch of the new palette collaboration. Drag queen Alyssa channels countless beauty personas: Marilyn Monroe-esque glamour, raver in a neon pink long wig, pageant queen, and more, to this very catchy ditty. And I dying for those wigs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Our Grande Dame this week is international, bitches! 

 Hailing from Sydeny Austrilia is Rhuma Hazzet.  Not only does Rhuma Hazzet have one of the hands down best names in all of drag, but the talent and beauty to back it up. She does not have a "standard" look, as each appearance is a new "Rhuma experience".  Cute, elegant, glamorous, fierce- nobody knows what to expect. Rhuma's looks and the way she presents herself in drag set her apart from other queens, and she doesn't go out when she's not looking like a 10/10. Rhuma has an outrageously impressive drag career, for only doing drag since around 2011. Rhuma is used to big crowds, performing with her closest sisters in front of audiences of over 10,000. Rhuma and one of her sisters Ivy Leagueee took the DIVA (Drag Industry Variety Awards) Outstanding Moment Of The Year 2012 for their performance at Sydney's Marquee night club, and even danced alongside Katy Perry during her Sydney Concert.She has been hosting Room Service in Sydney, and has a number of exciting upcoming performances including a huge Sydney party in October this year alongside The Freemasons.  I wouldn't mind seeing that!
And Rhuma, looking very cute with the lovely Vanity Fair. Vanity is a quite the wig designer. If a queen has done drag for a period of time, chances are they have a Vanity creation. I had one made from her,  and now bequeathed to the zany Pearly Gates.
And here's Rhuma along with Ivy Leaguee and Sooki Bitch. I love the retro 60's moves and the fem bots realness. These are the kind of drag routines I love.


The Mistress has many interests... and since the time doesn't always permit for drag anymore, when I was approached by a men's group in Philly called Bearlesque, who do a lot of monthly shows at the Raven, they wanted to start a segment of the show as Boylesque. It's only about four shows, so I jumped to do it, and it will give me a good outlet to shock and push the envepole. Were still learning some of the chorography,  But loving to dance it's hasn't been hard. As a tie in my friend Preston took some still for a photography exhibit he and many other photographers are working on that will show gender bending shots. He was the one who took the photo in my boylesque picture I shared about two months ago. He emailed the rest today, and must say I rather like how they turned out and with the black and white. Not bad for a 112 year old hag.
Who's up for aspinning, titty tassel, fan dancing good time???

Monday, May 20, 2019


Over the weekend, our fair hamlet had their Pride Festival and Parade, which garners quite the crowd for a small hamlet. New Hope generally always kicks off the Pride season here in the southeast. Last year I didn't attend any festivals. When I came out, it seemed I went to tons of festivals all over the eastern sea board, so the last few years, I got lax about going, except for the charity drag shows. But with this current government regime, I felt I had to go out and be seen and support the cause. First we can't let this monstrous administration walk all over us, and take back rights we have earned. I also think as a community we must also accept ALL OF US..not just the LGB...BUT ALL! It was a fun and colorful time...filled with my two friends I went with, cocktails and just seeing the excitement and look and wonder of the new gaylings. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend.
Yes....a Mummer!
These two!!!!
Ignore my pasty arm...I need sun!
Doug and his partner Jamie. Doug is the one I sat for for his upcoming art show.
And finally...some libations!
And while enjoying our beverages, I thought I'd had to many. From no where, two peacocks landed on the railing off the balcony of the second place we went. I certainly attract the birds.
I didn't mind. Two cocks are better than one I hear.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


There is never a end to the things to see or do in my neck of the woods. I look back now and for the life of me can't figure out how I didn't want to move here years ago. Above is the covered bridge up the road from the Casa that goes to the lake. My mother absolutely loves the area too, and has even given thought to making the move here as well. She deicide to come down last weekend,  and as part of the time, I wanted to take her to Peace Valley Lavender Farm up the road.  When the fields are in full bloom in June and July the smell is incredible. And lavender is one of those plants that I swear by for relaxation and other purposes.
The field dog Lavender Lily was there to greet us!

They raise several varieties of English lavender and lavandins with more than 3,000 plants blooming on their hillside. And with that raw material they produce a wide variety lavender products: bath & body, culinary, dried floral, sachets & pillows.  Lavender,lavander, or lavandar - it doesn't matter much how you spell it. If it's lavender you want, they've got it - growing plants, bulk blossoms, dried bunches, essential oil and more. Peace Valley Lavender Farm and Shop is located in historic Bucks County, overlooking the verdant Peace Valley Park. With a beautiful view of Lake Galena, where I go for nightly jogs, and the sun warming their southern sloping fields, it is an ideal growing spot for one of nature's most aromatic treasures, lavender. I let my mother pick out what she wanted and we got to see the drying room too. I was not disappointed with the candles I got either. So fragrant. It's nice to be able to also support local businesses first.

Historical anecdotes tell us that the lavender field workers and perfumers of the Middle Ages survived the Black Death and other plagues because lavender protected them from the lethal bacteria. The power of lavender to stimulate and supplement in the body's healing forces is unmatched by modern pharmaceuticals. And amidst the aromatic plants, there seems to be no other plant essence equaling its broad properties. It can kill pathogens in the air and in nasal sinuses and respiratory airways. It stimulates the immune system, yet it's also analgesic, soothing muscle aches, taking the pain out of insect bites and much more. Not only does lavender have hydrating, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is also a nerve tonic and an antidepressant, boosting one's spirits as well as helping to beat "the blues" that accompany immune stress and illness. In addition, modern studies of burn patients have confirmed that oil of lavender eases pain, enhances healing and prevents scar tissue from forming. All of this is done non-toxically!

When we first got there it was after a rain storm, but then the sun came out and...
Just in time before Pride month starts. 


This past week, I was reminded of a lovely little house song on RuPaul's Drag Race. Two queens had to lip-synch to the song A Deeper Love. With all due respect to Aretha Franklin, Deborah Cooper's original version can not be outdone. Ms Cooper with C&C Music Factory tore that up children!!!! This song was one of the best memories I have coming into my own new gay life. When this song played,  the dance floor would be jammed pack with sweaty shirtless men pumping and grinding, queens cutting runways, and the club kids doing their schtick. Every square inch of the club my group and I went to, no matter what city, was pack with people dancing to this jig. Even in the bathrooms!!!! One night I can remember two beefy guys lifting me up onto a cigarette machine so I could dance...which started my box dancing sessions ...but that's another story. No, this song, was like no other and had an affect like no other dance song I have ever seen. If this song didn't get you having some late night church...I'd would have checked for a pulse before taking your gay card.
 Deborah Cooper started as female vocalist for the Fatback Band, then as lead female vocalist and member of disco/R&B band Change, where she made several hits. In 1991 she featured as guest vocalist on Clivill├ęs and Cole's legendary hit single A Deeper Love. Subsequently, in the 1990s, she was part of the C+C Music Factory as both a lead and back up vocalist resulting with several # 1 hits including "Deeper Love", "Pride" and "Keep It Comin" , before Martha Wash stepped in. To this day, no other club or house song can get me dancing every time, or give me the chills like this one.And when played still packs a punch on the dance floor. I dare you to NOT move something to this ditty.
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