Saturday, December 20, 2014


.....I'd say, and he'll be done!


Well, this weekend the Mistress will be off, departed the Casa last night, a matter of fact, for a weekend holiday frolic in New York City with the Capital Street Duo, but I wanted to make sure to leave the Candy Shop  open for you all to check out this latest hot addiction!!!!! This man candy is actually an acquaintance of mine from mutual friends!!!!! His name is Ryan and he was a Philly boy before moving to the Sunshine State, and we miss him terribly here!!!!! Anywho I used to call him the Man of a Thousand Faces, as you will witness here on his Instagram. Not only a hubba hubba hunk, I mean sexy people, and one of the nicest people you will meet! And how can you not find a guy attractive who has such love for his pooch??????
I can only assume by this picture that Ryan has been a very good boy this year!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014


This time of year brings back many memories for people from different times and moments in their life. And for me one of those memories is some of the ornaments on my Christmas tree.
I grew up with an Angel for a tree topper, and Shiny Brite glass ornaments on the tree. My grandmother's whole tree was practically all Shiny Brites. Do you remember Shiny Brite’s? Shiny Brite was actually the trade name of the ornaments, but the name has been confused over the years as the style name of the ornaments.
And that’s probably because there were Shiny Brites in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Like this assortment above...... Now, see why I like shiny brite balls!!! Ornaments like these were all the rage in the 1950’s and 60’s, and remained popular into the 70’s and 80’s. But Shiny Brites have been around since before World War II.
I have quite a few of these balls in the boxes like above from the Dame Courtney like above. The boxes have seen better days, but I don't have the heart to throw them out. This comapny now has some of the most sought after vintage ornaments from Mid-Century times. Before World War II Max Eckardt, an American businessman, had been importing Christmas tree ornaments from Germany. This was where most decorations came from at the time, but Eckardt’s company specialized in hand-blown glass ornaments similar to these balls from Poland.

These imported glass ornaments, so colorful and fun, were extremely popular. But as the war drew closer, Eckardt realized his ability to import ornaments from Germany would end. It was this foresight that led to the decision to start making glass ornaments in the United States. And so… Shiny Brite was established. The rest they say, is history.  And if you’re after vintage Shiny Brites, don’t be fooled. If you don’t know what you’re looking for in the vintage aspect, just be aware that today many of these designs are in reproduction by Christopher Radko. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just a reproduction thing. But you also need to make sure dealers aren’t duping you!
Just because the box says Shiny Brite doesn’t mean the ornaments inside are Shiny Brites! Know your balls I say!!!! But is it just me, or do these balls make you happy too?!?!? I just love the look of them, with their colors. It why I love to just fill things with them like you saw from my post on Sunday. I love my Shiny Brites!!!
Do you have any shiny brite balls?

Thursday, December 18, 2014


I LOVE shopping , but must be in the mood to do so. I needed to get three last minutes gifts, and I knew I'd find what I was looking for at my location of desire. I needed a major fix of this joint, I was going through withdrawals mind you. One of my guilty pleasures is a shop in King of Prussia, an interior design company .....Aruhaus. Have you been????? Good luck getting me out of there!!!!! I could drop a fortune in there and part of someone else's too. I can never just walk pass it, it always beckons me like the poor sailors trying to avoid the sirens off a Greek Isle. Just take a peek......
First, I love how the store in laid out, very free flowing ,and the room set ups are stunning, love the colors they use me some great ideas. They also have phenomenal choices of lighting....
Ohhhhhhhh, above the bed perhaps????
Wait, sparkling barware alert!!!!!!!
Peek -a -boo.....
How cool is this???? Have so many books, but no more room on the shelves? Very cool way to still have them and display them, and their still easy to get to.
 Dear Santa, I  have tried my hardest to behave and stay out of too much trouble this year, but surely you don't expect miracles. I would just love to see this eggplant velvet chair under the tree come Christmas morn. I 'd be forever in your debit. Love-the Mistress.
Rub it nice and hard, and make a wish.......
What a cute place setting for a garden party......
I generally tend to get a major hard on for side chairs...this one is FABULOUS!
Cock anyone?
Looks like I was ahead of the curve with the deer head trend......
I love these deer heads so much, and majorly in love with the harlequin wall treatment, so much so, I am completing a major redo of the boudoir for spring. Thinking of one wall with the harlequins and in similar colors......
of course, I also love this color, but don't know, I change my mind quicker than my men.
It was another successful trip, I got my three gifts, plus some!!!! They put their purchases in a re-useable large canvas burlap bag, how cool is that? Many thanks to Gregory for allowing me to snap my pictures!!!!
Did you guys see anything to flip your fancy???

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


With this time of year, we can all get stressed out what with all the things on our list to get done, the miserable bitches in the malls and plazas, social functions to attend and fitting them in, baking and cooking to do, and the decorations, visiting family, getting the furs out of cold storage, and not to mention work and work parties. People are always amazed how I handle it what such finesse and not giving two figs. Well lambchops, I am going to share with you my little secrets on how to.......
First off, you have to know where to find your Christmas spirit.
 Plan accordingly, know when the holidays are coming
Instead of buying gifts , bake something thoughtful and dodge the malls
Make sure to get exercise, Winter sports are fun!!!
Screw the food diets, why be unhappy.
I never set to many goals for one day, that I can't possibly handle.
I usually am not fond of company parties, but you can make them fun. I always do.
And don't fret if we don't get a white Christmas for pete's sake.
I never worry about which list I'm on with the Man in Red, why bother....
And I always try to get friends useful gifts that I know they will use.
So there you have it.... in a snap!!!!
This is why I'm always in a wonderful, cheery mood, with no worries. And if done correctly, the holiday flies by. And if your lucky you may even remember it. Tootles!!!!
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