Sunday, June 17, 2018


This weekend the Lad and I, and along with other friends had a wedding to go of our good friends Jeff and Louis. Not only was it glorious weather for the event, and it was so cool to be having such a great affair during Pride month also ,and the venue was downright breathtaking. We went early as Preston was the photographer,  and he knew I'd love walking around before the event.

Jardin de Buis is one of the most stunning estate  and greenhouse venues I've seen maybe EVER, let alone in New Jersey, located just an hour outside of New York City, feels like you're transported to the French countryside. It truly is the perfect place for unforgettable "I-do's" as it offers a myriad of indoor and outdoor spaces - a manor house  a grand hall barn, two formal glass greenhouses, an orangerie, a formal potager garden, as well as extensive grounds for outdoor events.The gardens and landscape are part of an ongoing project begun in 1992 as a complete renovation and expansion of an eighteenth-century dairy farm on thirty-five acres. The original four structures and a single wooded hedge-row was all that was left of the abandoned farm in the heart of deer country. The gardens closest to the barn and manor house complex were structured around three courtyards formed by the barns, stone walls, and boxwood.

 Continuing around the house is a thyme garden that leads to the eastern court with the pond and white garden.  The greenhouses was salvaged from Rutgers University and designed around an English-style orangery. It is solar powered and heated. Behind the cow shed there is a nursery of boxwood collected from around the world. The place is also rustic at the same time, and architectural tidbits of sorts all over.

 It was rather one of the most beautiful events I'd been too and must say even got a bit teary eyed. It was that beautiful of a day.  And such lovely touches.

The handsome couple. Congratulations my friends!

 I adored the place cards table.
It was a late afternoon wedding, and there was not one , but two cock-a-tail type of event... and the reception and outdoor dancing was still going on when we left, going for a quarter pass 11pm.... we would have stayed, but we had the drive back to Bucks County. And to answer yesterdays post question, I did indeed end up dressing. A rare moment was caught when the Lad had to actually adjust my attire for a change.

Not sure why, but was touched the Lad took notice to my collar. I finally may have got him trained. A thanks to Preston for all the pictures in this post. He was also the photographer of the day.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Since it seems myself,  The Lad and our dear Eros can't get enough of Miss Vanje, while were still out, here's a clip of her performing in May. If you think she is just famous on the drag circuit in name alone...witness this performance. My money is already on her for season 11 or All Stars being back. Girlfriend can tear it up, and bring the cookies.


With the Lad here and yet another gloriously beautiful day....and a perfect day for a wedding of friends, one must ask do I really have to get dressed today? Can you read between the lines?

After spending the last three days in nothing but a square cut I don't feel like getting dressed. What's the rules of afternoon wedding attire?

Friday, June 15, 2018


In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words....
Vanessa Vannjjie Mateo


I sure did pick two great days to be off this far it's been a glorious four day weekend. I'll go poolside again before the Lad arrives...and enjoy a beverage. But I never go looking for the finds me.

Now it's Friday....I think a nice old school dance ditty is in order, so get up and dance, or get out from behind the desk and shake that ass. Tell them the Mistress said so. And remember, I love you all, keep the faith, keep positive, keep happy. Actually I don't won't to tell you to do anything. Be you old miserable selves if you want. And remember, if no one said they love you today........I love you.💋💋💋

Happy Friday Bitches!

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Then there was this today. Anybody else enjoy the car wash?


As you may be aware the ex boy toy and I share custody of my personal assistant, Buster Bolfig Borghese. With summer and trips for me I'm scarce. So Buster is now back to being a city mouse again, at the city house. I have already received word he is not brushing up on his assisting skills as yet.

Apparently one day there was a stare down with the frig for twenty minutes till treats were given.

Afternoon naps on the roof top in his favorite chair.

Watching dog porn.

Another nap...too lazy to get the whole way in the bed.

Here's the ex boy toy's new hubby, he even captured evidence. Earlier he had been digging, This was his way of trying to hide. He's as bad as Ms Moorecock I tell you.

tant de problems...

In the meantime I'm off for a four day weekend. The Lad is coming this weekend for a wedding of friends of ours. Should be a wonderful event. As for today, I'm taking my ass to my faithful Raven Resort for the first pool day.

Time for some bad influence. Not me...the drinks they make for me silly.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


One of the things about working at the location I do now, is that I'm a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Philadelphia. I find myself able to go and meet friends who livei n the city more frequently now. During the week, I mostly cook at home, but I'll allow myself one night to eat out and enjoy a happy hour or three. Last night after work, I met a reader of mine Cello Josh. We met three times before at concerts for Well Strung, but this was a spur of the moment get together and I was dying to hear all about his symphony trip he had the pleasure to go. Our symphony here is extremely talented, and they just went on tour to Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. With Philly also having a ton of new restaurants opening like crazy, it was like where to go. Philly is a huge foodie's heaven. The number of dinning establishments is getting staggering. But I suggested Tredici. Boy...mama is here to tell you, we were not disappointed. And it was right in the gayborhood. Note the pride flag on the street signs above. Cool right?
While Zavino might be the darling of 13th and Sansom, her little sister  showed up in town, and you should really meet her. From the outside, the light spilling from Tredici’s windows was cool and white, and the glass appeared to be sweating. We could see the crowd—at the bar, clustering around the host’s stand. Inside, it was a wall of noise, like stepping into the middle of a party that’s been going on without you for a good long time. We were lucky. We snagged the only open table on the floor.

Tredici might pitch itself as an Italian restaurant, but that’s just style. That’s just putting on a fancy scarf, smoking Gauloises and calling yourself French even though you were born and raised in Kalamazoo. Most of the best things about Tredici aren’t Italian at all. That five-dollar half-pour of Terrapura sauvignon blanc? It’s from Chile.  Half-glass pours are genius. They’re not rare or anything. There are plenty of restaurants out there who do them. But at Tredici—with its globe-trotting menu and broad spectrum of influences—the half-glass thing makes a particular kind of sense. First, they’re cheap. The highest price for a half-glass is $10—and that’s for a half-pour of 2004 Dom Perignon. Most of the prices hover closer to the $5-to-$6 range. And Tredici isn’t pouring kind of place dears.

And the food was amazing!!!!! We basically got the same thing.
Mediterranean board

Roasted Cauliflower

Pana Cotta

The best coffee I've had in ages.

And the bartenders are phenomenal. I sank about four of these before dinner. A Gin and Elderflower with a splash of juice, hint of cucumber, and garnished with little flowers!
I'm pretty sure this will be my new favorite place in Philly. At least from what I remember. The interior was cool and chic, good vibes all over, and excellent food and service. And Josh the only I problem was with the table legs and their position? He said he kept grabbing the leg because it was in the way. I said hon, that 's not the table leg. 

Or maybe I was just drunk?
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