Monday, April 30, 2018


Most Mondays one would not want to be around me. Especially if the weekend flies by, which is most weekends. It seems I do have some things in common with two famous Joan's

When I find out a whole department is a mess from no one maintaining standards....

And then I have to hear the excuses from department managers why it's a mess...

Then I hear the lame excuses.....

Then I'll get a big song and dance from the building engineers on how complicated one of me ideas will be to install. Code word for they are lazy and don't want to do it.

Then there will come some foolish request for some nonsense that make no sense.

The rest of the day will only get worst.
I've even been know to let my boss have a good rib, when you can get a word in....
 But then the sigh of relief hits and it's time to go home.....

Is it any wonder I hate Mondays?
Now y'all know why they call me Cruella De Vil at work

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Michelle Wolf’s performance Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner was a raw triumph you ask me.  While she may have been a bit offensive for the venue,  I thought it was funny as hell myslef. But then I enjoy the harsh, insult comics. Some of her jokes were solid, conventional ones, And some of them were arbitrary and mean in the manner of good Don Rickles or Lisa Lampanilli material, such as “What would I do without Megyn Kelly? Maybe be proud of women.” Some of her jokes weren’t funny, purely on the level of joke-writing craft. And yes, she sprinkled her routine with obscenities here and there. It's also  standard for the president of the United States to attend this dinner, but of course, our standard-breaking, humorless coward and current president chose to decline. I personally love caustic humor, with swipes of wise cracks and insulting humor.... I was laughing my ass off. It take a confident person to listen to jabs being made about one's self. And at times neither side was safe. But if you don't have a sense of humor and can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Her jokes about Conway,(did you see her face after the joke?) Ivanka, McConnell, Matt Ryan, Pence and Sarah Huckabee Saunders were spot on you ask me. We now know at least Sarah has feelings. She looked to be almost in tears. And the whole room looked as if a bunch of sour pusses. Funny.... they can dish it out, but can't take it.

And people who voted for  trump will not find it funny. But it's surprising how they hold fast to him. A majority of his base was blue collar.... a family the GOP hates.They feel they are a drag on the economy and society..And yet these people don't see their situation clearly, and still hold the jack ass tight, the guy who will hold them back,  yet like sheep they still  hold on to him...till the end of time....or till the next election.


It's been quite a year. I lost my job in a restructure, only to pull a Joan Crawford to wheel and deal and get it back, I finally met the legendary snow queen Anna Wintour and lived to tell about, met three more bloggers, spent two days finally at the fabulous Hotel Hershey Spa, where I almost ate myself, enjoyed a nice five months off, and finally invaded South America on a three week tour!Then fellow blogger buddy, Steven, goes and reveals ABBA will be releasing new music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

*faints back on fainting chaise*

 Where was I?  Oh..ABBA getting back together. I may need smelling salts!

The members of ABBA announced Friday that they have recorded new material for the first time in 35 years. NOW .....I have always been HUGE FANS of them, even though I was but a wee lad then, but when I came out OH LORD!!!! many hits to choose from. ABBA has always been one, NO.... THE  group that no matter my mood, depressed, sad, happy, angry or even sick, can put me in a good mood and get  me dancing. They have also supplied hours of music on road trips. My little gay heart is over jubilant today!!!!!! The Swedish pop super group said it had recorded two new songs, including one titled "I Still Have Faith in You.". With such good new...we must celebrate!!!!!!

Steven is only lucky he wasn't here to give me the news in person. I might have jumped him.
Now where did I leave those smelling salts?

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend? Daddy Warbucks is getting ready to depart in a day or two.... back to his place in Denver to check on things, before heading back to Connecticut. well-well-well... Spring is really happening here~ Finally! The white blooming trees are in full swing here at the Casa.... please enjoy this little bit of splendor while it last.
Oh, looks so breathtaking this time of the year!
Better savor this special moment while it lasts..
Simply had to bring the outdoor-indoor so I could admire it some more!
And who doesn't enjoy a nice small nosegay?

Friday, April 27, 2018


In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you , and you tell me in only three words what come to mind. This week, we have a queen of the 80's and 90's and birthday gal.

In three words....
Sheena Easton

Since it's the weekend, and Sheena is here, lets ring in the weekend with a 90's classic....


Here we are two shows later. It seems the girls are dropping like I thought they might, but was a bit shocked to see Mayhem leave already.  Well, that was a fly in the ointment. This week's challenge was a good one I thought. It was apparently all about proportionize!
I'm only surprised RuPaul didn't showcase Drag Con earlier then this. It perhaps is opening a whole set of future challenges based on what queens might actually end up doing in their own careers in the future.

 Eureka O'Hara

As the first double winner of the season so far, with those wins coming back-to-back no less, the show feels like it has its very first concrete front runner. That's not to say she has this all in the bag, but I have really been enjoying her this season, but I still think she seems a safe bet for possible top five placement. While Eureka's outsized personality in the workroom can grate at times, she can put it to use to work wonders during challenges. She's been bringing it!!! Eureka has been selling it harder then I sell my ass the night before rent is due.

Kameron Michaels

I'm still enjoying Kameron.... and his looks are downright incredible. BUT....The thing is, I just wish she'd gave us more to root for by speaking up a little bit in the workroom. I fear if she doesn't come out just a bit more, she may jeopardize the whole season because of being quite, which is a shame...because she is neither quite or bashful... and can put on a hell of a show. Can you say Chad Michaels pumping iron? It is evident she sparkles and enjoys drag on the runway. And I totally can relate to dating a guy who does not except drag. I did the same thing Kameron did, and gave it up once, only to realize it was part of me and came back with a vengeance. A story to tell sometime.

Monique Heart

Still loving Monique. I'm getting a Noxzema Jackson vibe from her and her personality cracks me up and continues to have an Alyssa Edwardian quality for turning almost anything that comes out of her mouth into an instantly quotable drag race classic. She does seem fixated on the fact that's she keeps getting overlooked by the judges though. I'm loving her, but some of her outfits are more basic than my cable package.


This was not her challenge, neither was the last one, but at least it was her runway the last two times saving her. I still have her placed high, but not sure about the win.

Asia O'Hara

Hello, headpiece. That was astonishing!!!!! I need one of those. Who doesn't want to be a human blow weed? 

Miz Cracker

You know when you have that late night snack you like to make with Triscuits, but you paw through your pantry and all you have is Wheat Thins, so you try to make it anyway, but it's just not what you wanted? That's what last night felt like. Just not the cracker we were used to.  Bring the extra cheese please. I still think she be top 5.

Monet X. Change

Monet certainly redeemed herself this week and came close to a win, but we can't pretend that the last two weeks didn't happen. She has an opportunity to star a new, and tonight's techno-colored church suit runway, her best of the season, was a good start. I just hope she gives us more big hair. I love when her hair is jacked for Jesus...but most weeks her hair looks flatter than roadkill that's been in the center lane of I-95 since before Christmas. I think she will be gone soon.

Blair St. Clair

In all fairness, I did enjoy Blair, but there was just something about her I couldn't fully embrace. Some of her looks made her feel to old to me for being such a young queen.  And last week on the runway, her bobs looked to low. How ironic her tits dropped before her balls. I did see a mid way girl , and that she did. Gone, but we suspect not forgotten amongst Drag Race fans anytime soon.

The Vixen

A lip syncer to watch out for, but overall, this shit stirrer, and her performances, haven't been over-indexing over the past few weeks. Her challenges have been flat and more disappointing than the trick I pulled out behind the Piggy Wiggly two nights ago.The Vixen’s hat look is based on the “floppy classic black and white beach hat” and seems like a better concept than actual look, like many of her latest runway looks.  She seems very bitter to me. I think she'll be gone girl...and soon.

What have you thought of the season thus far?

Is it me or have some of these judges been flat too? I mean when Shania Twain was on, she was stiffer than a starched shirt down at the laundry.  

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Sofi Tukker is a New York-based musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern.

By now, you're no stranger to the sounds of SOFI TUKKER hopefully. My favorite dance duo has emerged out of the concrete jungle to share another gem fresh off their debut album. The adorable Tucker takes the lead on their new single "Batshit,"  “Oh you’re bad enough to me" at a super-low octave sans a pitch shift. His voice is naturally that deep, who knew! Consider this to be your new theme song whenever someone at the party tries to kill your vibe by demanding that you "calm down" or "chill out." And I admit Tucker could sweet talk me right into bed! Here's a mid-week ditty to get us going today!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The other day at the jumble sale for the kids charity the community is running, I was discussing Mrs Claire Pits- Seymour and her husband with Phoebe Bixler.
"I'm telling you it's trueHe seems enthralled by her. He takes her on holiday three times a year. He took her to Majorca,Tenerife, and  this year he's taking her skiing." I says.

Phoebe Bixler replies " That's very flash."  I says "Well, that what Claire Pits Seymour  was telling Wendy Applewhite the other day down at the beauty....and that's another thing.... what she spends in there on her looks is obscene."

Phoebe says. " Oh it's a dead give away. Show me an expensive hairstyle, and I'll show you someone who is no better than they should be.  I always think, tidy, but unattractive is the way. It's the soundest way for a unblemished reputation."

To which I says " You got it cracked then haven't you?."

But we don't think it's as peachy as she lets on. There were the pesky rumors a few weeks back Mr.Pits- Seymour was giving the church organist, Ms Brikenkshore a" few lessons" one week on the organ. Whether it's true or not who knows. But the following Sunday they say she played terribly out of tune.  

Monday, April 23, 2018


I found this portrait from the recently departed First Lady Barbara Bushes funeral very cool....and just how intertwined they all are. And is it me , or does Melania look more happy and relaxed away from Hubby?


My personal assistant, Buster Bolfig Borghese isn't so sure about Monday either.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


It was another glorious weekend.... and just in time for Earth Day. Since Daddy Warbucks got into town Friday evening, we decided to go into Philly to spend time outdoors, enjoying what Mother Nature has given us on Saturday. Maybe the cold weather mix up was no accident...the trees and Fairmount Park were more vibrant and stunning then I've seen.

Then there was this..... click the Parc Brasserie. to lick your chops over the menus.
 Since the lovely Parc is located at Rittenhouse Square Park....any restaurant using a squirrel in their marketing and food, like the cookie garnishing my ice cream, I can get behind!!!! I think my Bouvier would approve!!! Although I felt guilty eating it.

3R's Reduce Reuse Recycle

Let's take care of our Earth & most importantly take care of each other...everyday! 

Saturday, April 21, 2018


......well, it is Saturday night after all!There made for entertaining.


This week in the Candy Shop I have another addictive treat I love to enjoy.Do you like your men more refined and aged?

Then my latest instagram friend will give you the feels. Eric Turner is one tasty silver fox for damn sure. He got me hot and bothered with his handsome face and I'm a huge fan of rambunctious hair.  And you know salt and pepper hair gets me going big time!!! Eric Turner is an internationally published fitness magazine contributor and cover model. This Houston resident is also the owner of the men’s lifestyle brand, Oryx. From the looks of it, Turner appears to be a taken man, a married one at that to South African model Morne Coetzer. Damn lucky bitch. 

He's also a dog lover and owner...he has me melting like the Wicked Witch.....
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