Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The Mistress is very excited for tomorrow night. My favorite group of boys is coming back to Philadelphia again. Well Strung! You have probably heard of them, or remember me doing several posts on them from my other 7 times I have met them. These guys are so nice and those smiles of theirs, smiles and personality so dazzling, that they can make a bitch faint. Which I did faint. I didn't drop to my knees and paw hungrily at them in an attempt to make them even happier!!!
Well-Strung, a New York City based string quartet, derives their unique blend of vocals and strings by brilliantly fusing mostly classical music with the pop music of today. Well-Strung has been receiving rave reviews at Feinstein’s/54 Below and all over the world, from the House of Blues in New Orleans to the Leicester Square Theatre in London. From Taylor Swift to Beethoven, selections will be performed from the most beautiful and traditional melodies to irreverent “newly-observed “ chart toppers...and everything in between. A Well-Strung Christmas, which will include the most beautiful and traditional melodies, such as Silent Night to irreverent “newly observed” versions of things like I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and the famous Sleighride, to George Michael’s This Christmas. These guys are not only very talented, but who will complain about them being very easy on the eyes!!

Edmund-1st violin

Christopher- 2nd violin



They are all very sweet and personable......unfortunately their also all spoken for.  I also feel these guys are great at introducing a younger generation to classical music in a fun and updated way, by using pop songs with a classical sound. Ever since seeing them the first time in Provincetown, they have had me hooked and I never tire of seeing them. Anyone interested in the Well- Strung concert, it is Thursday evening at 8:00pm at the Perelman Theater. I'll be there with bells on. Tickets can be purchased here. And check out Well Strung's schedule to see if they will be coming to your WON'T regret it.
Check it out....beautiful!


  1. Damn! There back again? It must be you they keep returning to see. I have heard very good things about them. That rendition they did was beautiful.

  2. I have yet to see the Christmas concert, but I too will be in attendance tomorrow night. Maybe we can meet up for a cocktail after????

  3. The boys with the placards are funny. William and I have seen them and enjoy them immensely. The clip got me teary eyed, I must admit.

  4. If they ever did a Canadian tour up here in the Great White North, I'd go see them!

  5. Not only talented but very cute too. I wonder if they ever come to CA?

  6. Jealous here. I haven't seen them once yet. I love there videos though.

  7. Gorgeous; the men and the music. The violin just slays me.

  8. I just saw them this summer per one of your post and absolutely loved them! I can imagine their Christmas show will be very good.

    1. The guys are very funny too, as they had a meet and greet after a show II saw when they were near me. That clip brought so tears here too. So pretty.

  9. That was hauntingly beautiful. I never tire of seeing them either.

  10. Omg! There amazing! And all so damn cute.

  11. They are great. That Christopher is insane! I wish they would come to Harrisburg /Hershey area sometime.

  12. I'm still catching up on blog posts. I hope you have fun tonight!


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