Monday, March 30, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. After a full week of work after being cut back, I must say they used the Mistress's skills to the hilt last week. Not only did I do my regular duties and creative work, but we also had three events to set up and visually enhance. So needless to say, I'm back to my regularly scheduled programing and everything is now right with the word again.Now it's just hard to get back into a regular routine around the house again. You see, I try to do most of the house work in the evening when I get home around 4:00 till dinner, so we can have the weekends free. The Mistress likes to take in a museum and hit the town at night usually. And if she hits the town, Lord know what condition you will find her in on Sunday's. Anywho, this weekend though we took it easy except for a long list of little errands she had to do. I didn't feel much like doing them, but you do feel like you accomplished something when their done. I swear I think the Mistress needs four men. One to clean, one to cook, one to do finances, and one for....oh never you mind! Anyway, it was a overall low key weekend. Lots of cooking and movie watching and a walk around the lake on Friday which kicked my ass because we now started to run part of the lake. The Boy-Toy says we will be running most of the lake by summer's end. What! That's 6 miles people. Anywho, I'm exhausted. How was your weekend? Tootles!


  1. i am glad you got a chill-ish weekend ~ one of those every once in awhile is nice. loves the new blog layout and the sexy lips header! :))

  2. Kayce- Thanks. I did more than I wanted too. but it was nice to get things done. The lips are my big kiss to everyone!!!

  3. Yea, I wasn't a good weekend to get much done with the weather. But I'm glad your back working ,that's good news!

  4. your weekend sounds busy Mistress!! mine?..not so much.

    I'm loving the lips too!!! and Boy Toy is making you run??! That's against the law!

  5. Mistress Maddie's #1 FanMarch 31, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    Four men? You must be good!

  6. Auntie Mame (1958)(Widescreen)
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  7. WTG with the run... I started with the walk, then the walk-run and now its marathon's baby... come run the Nike women's..... its fab- great looking men (firefighters) and Tiffany's necklaces in lieu of medals... congrats on the work picking back up

  8. No one is making anyone run!

    But, seriously, if you want to stay close enough to check out the buns on some hot guys...

    ...perhaps a quick step is in order. ;)


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