Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Whirlwind of a Week and Good News

It seems this week was a long, hectic week for alot of us. The Mistress is back and I am totally wiped out! It all started last weekend when we went to visit family and friends in Harrisburg. It was a very nice weekend. I even got to visit my favorite candle company to pick up yet another load of candles! I can't even help myself, I just love candle light. And of course the Mistress was a bit hung on Sunday from the little cocktail party on Saturday night followed by a night of more cock-a-tails and dancing at the local cha-cha palace! I barley recovered from that, when on Monday I had to go to one of our other store locations to ready the place for a corporate visit thru Wednesday ,and then the last part of Wednesday and the rest of the week, I had my own store to get ready for it's corporate visit. Needless to say long hours. In addition, we also had three major events to set up for and one trunk show for the designer,Missoni, which was a very beautiful event. Our visit was today and everything went very well I'm happy to report! And the real good news is the Mistress got her full time status back again, after some wheeling and dealing! Yea!!! It was nice to have some extra time off, but I have to tell you, I enjoy so much what I do, with all the visual styling, art production, and other display elements. I still enjoy interior design also, but the visual styling was something I never expected till I fell into it. Now mind ya my background is in interior design and I still love that too, but this is a nice break. So, needless to say this weekend, the Mistress cleared the whole weekend to recover and recharge. I'll just take it easy. The weather is suppose to be very nice, so I may take a nice 8 mile walk/run around the lake and listen to my I pod as I do so. Yes Kailyn, if your reading, this idiot finally learned how to download I-Tunes and now can't stop!!! I'll probably also get caught up reading every one's blogs too. And I also have to get the mother's birthday gift ready to mail off and I think spring may finally be coming- I saw my first Robin tonight while looking out the window.Yippee! Shirtless man season is right around the corner!


  1. Anonymous3/14/2009

    Glad your back! That was a hell of a week you had there. It was for sure a long one.

  2. Hooootie Hoooo!

    Welcome back, and after your hectic week, you could use a nice relaxing weekend.

    Have a great time!

  3. Darling Maddie -

    Congrats on going back to full-time. If you need me to dispose of any evidence or body parts, let me know. Those CSI bitches can be pretty thorough if they find the dead bodies of the coworkers/managers you had to kill to get your paycheck back!

    Please send birthday regards to your fierce Mother.


  4. Those Itunes are so addicting. I spent way too much last month on new music.

  5. hahahaha, if i knew how to cross stitch, i would SOOO make that jpg into a pillow, LMAO.

  6. Around here it is redwing blackbirds who say spring is coming even though it is cold and gray.

  7. I'm glad you're back too...I needed my mistress-fix!

    and that Alan guy in the post before?


  8. kayce- that would be a good pillow wouldn't it!

    David- I will tell the mother you send regards. You will get more cookies out of

  9. Welcome back! Congrats on full-time and the best news of all, shirtless man season is just around the corner!

  10. Anonymous3/18/2009

    Don't we all have those hectic weeks? They surely make us want to curl up in bed and just relax. Hope you have a relaxing and stress-free week after that.


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