Thursday, July 2, 2015


Here in Philadelphia currently, drag is becoming renewed and producing some fine queens, and one of those up and comers is the fabulous Pissi Myles!!! Pissi Myles was born kicking and screaming to become a queen and hasn't stopped since. When she knows where she is, she puts on a damn good show. Pissi continues to live a lifestyle of attention seeking lavishness. Never happy to play second fiddle, she will grease a staircase all the way to the top! Pissi most currently won Mimi Imfurst's second season of Drag Wars here in the city, and has since already got her own weekly show What Make Me Pissi, and Lipschtick, both at L'Etage, and has other various shows around the city. If your in and around Philadelphia, check this queen out. She is bringing the fresh. Cheers! Pissi Myles.


  1. What a very splendid queen! May her reign be longer than her cock! I hope the name 'Pissi' doesn't mean she's into water sports!

  2. Good ole Pissi......such a wisenheimer!

  3. Never heard of her before, but with a name like that, she gotta be a hoot.

  4. I swear, East Coast queens are so much more campier.


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