Monday, July 13, 2015


If you've been to Provincetown before , then you know that the Art House gets some prime entertainment.Later this summer when I go, I'll have the privilege to see the blond bombshell, Courtney Act, who is bringing her hit cabaret show, Boys Like Me, to Provincetown, and will perform every Tuesday-Thursday from July 14 thru August 20th. Get ready to laugh and connect with Courtney as you are taken on a journey through her adventurous love life! 
 Once upon a time, Sydney boy Shane Jenek tried out for Australian Idol. Not quite making the cut he wasn’t discouraged, Shane bent the rules and his gender, returning the next day as Courtney Act, and made it through to the finals. Courtney’s explosive, energetic performing style, coupled with her joyous personality, sent audiences wild and Australia had a new, slightly less conventional, sweetheart. Hot on the high heels of the TV series came the phenomenally successful national arena tour and a record deal with Sony.
 Over the coming years Courtney forged herself a name in the Australian entertainment industry, garnering chart hits, television appearances, and national advertising campaigns, and she toured Australia, Europe, Asia and America. She was even voted one FHM’s World’s Top 100 Sexiest Women (despite not actually being a woman), sang at Lady Gaga’s private birthday party, and opened for Gaga on her Australian club tour. She’s played the role of Angel in RENT the musical and she’s been the face of Sheer Cover makeup across the three major TV networks selling makeup to the women of Australia on morning television. She’s no Joan of Arc, but it is pretty revolutionary having a female illusionist, selling the illusion of beauty to females. And unless under a rock, you'll know she placed top three on RuPauls Drag Race. If you plan to be in Provincetown during this period, get out and check her out, she is so beautiful to watch, and so sweet....her show is pretty entertaining. Tickets here.
Some other noteworthy Mistress endorsed shows are....
JINKX MONSOON w/ Major Scales at the piano
July 15 - Sept. 18
Varla Jean Merman's BIG BLACK HOLE
June 28 - Sept. 7
WELL-STRUNG Summer Lovin'
All New Show! You know I love me some Well Strung Quartet! I highly recommend them!
July 1 - Sept 12
Audra McDonald with special guest Will Swenson
Broadway @ Town Hall - Aug 24
BIANCA DEL RIO Rolodex of Hate
Aug 10 - Sept 7


Jinkx Monsoon & Peaches Christ
Aug. 21 - Sept 20
In addition Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burka have also been added to the already phenomenal lineup on August 10 and the incredibly beautiful Vanessa Williams will be performing on September 6th!!!! Too many shows, so little time!!!! Check out the Provincetown Art House for further info on these plus other shows.


  1. I usually go to Rehoboth, but I am very tempted to head to P-Town for a nice change. I hear it is more gay. And the line up is phenomenal!!! Does it book fast do you know?

  2. All these queens and Neil Patrick and Vanessa!?! I absolutely LOVE Courtney Act! Would you happen to have room for my big ass on this trip? I promise to be quiet and trouble free.

  3. If I were in the area, I'd buy tickets to see Courntey Act like right now!

  4. I'd be all over the Jinkx shows and the BDR shows and Audra, of course, though we have tickets to see her in October in Greeneville.

  5. Sounds wonderful! Alas! living on the opposite coast...

  6. Bianca, Courtney and Well there.

  7. She has an adventurous love life? Why am I not surprised?! Is she open to amorous relations with any gender or persuasion of human?

  8. First off we are all awaiting your arrival!!!! Yes, the art house has a great line up this summer. I can not wait to work with Bianca and meet Courtney. And Jinkx is a sweet heart.

  9. I have seen and met Courtney many times now since she settled in West Hollywood. You will love her show. I sure wished I booked a trip this year.


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