Friday, January 6, 2017


The Snow Queen-
She stood there dressed in cold white down
as soft winds swirled around her.
Her angelic face smiled
as she surveyed her wonderland.
Her time had come again
as it did once a year
to cleanse the world white,
making it seem bright
under the pale moon.
She surveyed her kingdom
and with the sweep of her hand,
she watched as the snowflakes fell again.
The smile on her face
grew in its proportions
as the winter winds blew their deepest chill,
and then the Snow Queen knew
her season had last arrived.
The kingdom was hers again
before it came the time
when her sisters of spring, summer and autumn
would once more again
take their place on the throne.

Finally some snow this morning, and some colder winter temperatures to clean the air!!!! It was quite the beautiful drive into work this morning I must admit. I took these early this morning on the grounds here, although the snow didn't amount to much.  Meanwhile in other news one of our Casa du Borghese patrons, Anne Marie was sighted.....and this was sent in just a few minutes ago.......

She was heard saying Bottoms up Bitches!!!!!!! It's Friday!


  1. Bottoms up! I've got mild, sunny weather today. I have to admit I miss the rain already.

  2. Loves the birds! More snow for us Sat. and Sun. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. ooooooooooooh, I wanna spank some of those bottoms! ;-b

    2. if it's tight and looks like a valentine heart...

    3. wait - are they sparkly rainbow strawberry scented ones? or onion garlic curry scented ones?

  4. i also have the feeling she stirred with a "special" swizzle stick.

  5. It appears Anne Marie has graffitid the table top. Thank goodness she wasn't at the Casa yet.

    1. if you look closely it says "for a good time call..."

  6. Lovely pictures Mistress, but that was all the snow????

  7. Those wintery scenes are making me want a hot toddy!

  8. One of my favorite poems Mistress! Of course, this kind of snow is what a like, a couple inches and gone by afternoon. It was very pretty this morning. I thought of you when I was viewing my birds out the window with my coffee.

  9. I grew upo the Gulf Coast of Texas and have since lived in New Orleans and San Francisco, so my exposure to snow is less than slight. I'm very suspicious of it and have absolutely no desire to become any closer acquainted. I'm too delicate.

  10. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that was a photo of the actual Snow Queen. Such a striking resemblance.

  11. No one is more qualified to tell stories about queens then you, Mistress! I'd say Anne Marie is more empress than queen!

    1. tru fax dat; the mistress is far more queenly.

  12. Replies
    1. OMB, you should see all the bottoms up at the casa!

  13. The cardinal pic is gorgeous! The snowstorm just left here this morning. I sent it to you.


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