Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Well, if you find yourself in our fair hamlet anytime soon, like a reader of mine will be soon, there is a wonderful line up of entertaining times coming to the Rrazz Room at the Raven.......

The One & Only Twisted Sister LADY BUNNY in "Trans-Jester!"
Jan 28, 2017

Multi-talented drag artist, and my longtime role model and most fabulous queen.... brings her show entitled "Trans-Jester!" to New Hope for a evening of hilarity at the Raven.  As fellow queen Bianca Del Rio says "Hurry up and see this old queen before she dies". You know I'll be there. It is sure to be a long night. Check her out before Bunny  heads to London’s Soho Theatre Feb 14-25.

An Intimate Evening With ALEX NEWELL
Feb 4, 2017

Alex Newell's voice makes the heart swell: it's a clean, undiluted instrument of joy, a voice that soars with the history of classic dance music and the freshness of modern pop. Newell's voice has always radiated warmth and energy, from his days in the church choir and local musicals to his acclaimed stint on Glee

Apr 15, 2017

Award Winning entertainer Rick Skye is rejoining Tommy Femia in the long running "Judy and Liza Together Again!" for another performance on Saturday, April 15th at 7:30pm at The RRazz Room at the Raven.  Named "BEST DUO"in 2014 by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs,"Judy and Liza Together Again!" ran for nearly six years at the legendary Don't Tell Mama's in the heart of NYC's theater district. These MAC and Bistro Award winning performers pull out all the stops for sure.

United Kingdom's Queen....  LA VOIX's RED HOT GLOBE TROT
Apr 21, 2017

La Voix is a woman on a mission - To bring back the glamour! In this hilarious one-woman show, La Voix will take you on a journey exposing, analyzing and satirically delivering an evening of Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Shirley Bassey, Cher and many more! La Voix delivers dazzlingly precise sound-alike performances along with an abundance of Laughter and the chance to be up close with La Voix herself. It'll be an evening of live diva anthems, fun, and spontaneity and hilarious stories of La Voix’s travels across the globe!

All American Boy STEVE GRAND Live! In Concert
May 5, 2017

Steve's piano and guitar-driven tracks are instantly timeless and familiar, and his sound is a tip of the hat to other American singer-songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.
The RRazz Room welcomes back Steve Grand after his sold out engagement in 2016. Steve has put together a brand new show for his return to New Hope.

Lee Squared: An Evening With LIBERACE and MISS PEGGY LEE
May 13, 2017

Lee Squared: An Evening with Liberace and Miss Peggy LeeWRITTEN BY and starring David Maiocco and Chuck Sweeney.Liberace lived a life of flamboyance, sparkle, and lavish costumes. In this funny and touching tribute, the virtuoso musician gets one last chance to glitter and shine as he tickles the ivories through his favorite songs. New York City favorite, and Connecticut native, David Maiocco will reprise his iconic performance as the man who defined four decades of music.

The Mistress can ALWAYS have a arm twisted to meet for a G&T and a good time at a show if I'm around. Tickets for the venue and show can be purchased here for any shows.


  1. What a line up!!!!! I may have to see of plans on change for the Lady Bunny show. And could most certainly be persuaded to see Mr. Grand.

  2. Now this is what makes New Hope, New Hope. William and I use to attend Odette's regularly for the world class cabaret. We even saw Shirley Bassey there once on a very impromptu showing she had, which was unheard of. I may have to check some of these out.

  3. you and Bunny in the same room? there won't be a drop of drink left in that town.

  4. I have a week in London at the end of the month on bussiness, I may have to check out Lady Bunny as much as you rave about her. She looks a riot!

  5. I have YET to see Bunny, but I have seen and met Steve. He is a real swell, talent. Do you plan on doing him, err, I meant seeing him?

  6. Great line-up. I'll bet your Judy is better than the one who keeps coming back here, claiming to have won all kinds of awards; a queen who should have retired before getting started. Is that too catty??? Oh, me! Hugs!!

  7. Interesting picture of the faux Liza and Judy. Of course, the daughter's "persona" didn't really come into play until after her mother died, so it must be interesting (and fabulous) to see them perform as gay icon-equals.

  8. I'd enjoy seeing these talented entertainers. Do they ever tour bunkhouses? I imagine they're used to the occasional rowdy crowd (especially if you're attending).

    1. I'm sure Steve Grand and Bunny could easily have a arm or more twisted to frequent the bunkhouse!!!!!!

  9. I do believe I'd be interested in seeing all these shows!!! Meanwhile we are getting knee deep here in snow.


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