Saturday, January 7, 2017


After listening to “Look Away,” the new-ish song by Steve Grand and Eli Lieb, I couldn’t help but wonder: what on earth took them so long to work together.
The out singer-songwriters have joined forces for this release... haunting, piano-driven ballad, which hit YouTube late in 2016. The accompanying video features shots of the handsome devils, Grand and Lieb together in the studio, interspersed with performance footage of the men seated back-to-back and gazing directly into the camera. I had the privilege to meet Steve at his last show in New Hope, and was very pleased with how entertaining he was. The RRazz Room at the Raven welcomes back Steve Grand after his sold out engagement in 2016. Steve has put together a brand new show for his return to the Raven in May. If your in the area, or will be, tickets can be bought here. Nice song for tonight. Take it away boys.......


  1. Such a beautiful song from two beautiful voices. First time I've heard music from Eli Lieb and this definitely will not be the last. Great job gentlemen. And thanks for the New Hope tip!

  2. This is such a great song. Beautiful and powerful. I can't believe that stupid songs keep getting so much attention just because they're from huge artists. It's one reason I never watch awards show for music or films. They very seldom recognize any talent that isn't a big name.

    1. I couldn't agree more, The main stream music is crap, with exception to a few. But you know what, like everything else, people are afraid to stray from the normal and what's cramped down our throats. Human's are sheep. More artist like these gents need to be recognized. I too won't watch these award shows if I could. It's all based on popularity really, not talent.

  3. Eli Lieb gay or not, is my boyfriend.... he just doesnt know yet.

  4. Steve Grand's best song. And it's nice to discover Eli Lieb. Beautiful, heartfelt, duet

  5. Two beautiful men singing a beautiful song.


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