Friday, April 29, 2016


See, I told you dear ones...Deeelite had more songs then one thought!!!! Continuing this National Deeelite another swell ditty from their, World Clique album.  How perfect for a Friday night... i jus wanna i jus wanna, but i just wanna hear a good beat... I'd kill for that flip.


  1. What a great week to have! And now after seeing these video I see where you got your dance moves.

  2. I too have been enjoying this week. I had only known of the one song that was most popular. I'll be honest,I don't listen to dance music all that much but this band is GREAT. I was off to Amazon this week.

  3. I Love all of the songs you have featured,but I think this is my personal favorite.

  4. I was so in love, with this version of this song....still sounds so dope!!! Life is so much better with some Deeelite.

  5. Wow, look at the way she moves her body! I'd happily play the bongo drums for her if she visits the jungle!

    1. If you play the bongos Ill move for you if she doesn't.

  6. Thank heavens for Deee-lite Week! Like Ursula of Opera, I only really knew one song - "Groove is in the Heart", so this has been a fab week, thank you!

    P.S. DJ Dmitry looks so cute with his little pigtails!


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