Wednesday, August 12, 2015


 Your in for a visual treat with today's fabulous Grande Dame!!!! A beautiful, stunning muse for all from down under, Art Simone is one of Melbourne's most well put-together club chameleons.
 Always done to perfection she is a feast for the eyes, mind, heart and soul. She'll lift your heart up when the rest of you is down. You'll be enchanted - even when she isn't around. If you have boundaries, stand by to have them knocked down. You'll know what you have found. So latch on.Art began experimenting with makeup at a mere innocent 15, slowly discovering the different illusions you can create with the stroke of a makeup brush.Completely self-taught, Art has designed makeup for stage productions, has worked with performers around Melbourne to help create "signature looks" as well as offering Drag transformations for those who want to experience drag for the first time or for a special occasion.  As the first and original Resident Drag performer at Dracula's Cabaret Melbourne, Art Simone can be found entertaining a mix of both national and international audiences, 5 nights a week. Featuring raunchy burlesque, sexy circus acts and a team of outcast vampiric wait staff, Dracula's is a Melbourne icon that has to be seen to be believed. You can check out Art's page for performance dates here.


  1. Now can we get a queen like this on Drag Race???

  2. I love myself I good versatile queen. She is something.

  3. Art is simply stunning those are some phenomenal looks!!!!!

  4. Wow wee!!! That first picture is fantastic!!!!!

  5. My goodness....can she paint a TERRIFIC eye.


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