Friday, May 25, 2018


In this weekly feature, I'll share with you a guest each week, and you tell me in three words what comes to mind.

In three words....
Dixie Carter

And  what would have been her birthday today....why not share one of my favorite Julia Sugarbaker rants.


  1. supporter of gay community.

    And would you believe she was actually a Republican? So different from her Designing Women role. But she said her view were more Libertarian.

  2. I'm struggling to come up with only three words. I miss her, and I miss all of the Sugarbakers on the small screen.

  3. Awesome Fearsome Fabulous!

  4. I've missed out!!!

  5. Humoress,talent, educaticated.

  6. Not three words but an odd story, I learned to tie my tie from Dixie Carter. When I was a little kid she was on the show Different Strokes, one day she was teaching her son to tie his tie, she did it in a simple way that a child could understand. I went and got my tie, tried it and it worked! To this day when tying my tie, I say under my breath, " the rabbit runs around the tree stump, and then he runs around again, he hopped over the stump and down the hole". Still works. Lol

  7. Mark Twain's wife

    (Not really. I just drew a blank trying to remember the actor's name--OH! I remember now! Hal Holbrook!)


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