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Just after you got a taste of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Logo's reality competition series announced its season nine cast finally.... and introduces fans to the crop of drag queens fighting for the title of the next winner for the crown on RuPauls's Drag Race. Many may look familiar as they have been Grand Dames here before.  This year's crop is a fascinating bunch, with a strong divide between performers and look queens reminiscent of season seven. As with nearly every season, there's one queen who looks to be a master lip-sync artist. For season nine, that queen is Aja, hands down, who'll likely shake things up whenever she falls into the bottom two and is forced to lip sync for her life. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Season nine will premiere Friday, March 24 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1and Logo. In the meantime, meet the 13 queens competing on season nine.....Let's take a look see and who will be cat fighting......

This Brooklyn queen follows in the footsteps of such tight lip-syncers as Coco Montrese, Morgan McMichael's, and Bob the Drag Queen. I know she is shaking up New York and she should on here too. She will be the lip syncer to watch out for. And she calls things as she see's them.

Alexis Michelle
A theater queen from New York, Alexis brings a contemporary-to-classic balance to her work. Previous theater queens like season five champion Jinkx Monsoon were more old-school. Alexis is full of creative and elegant looks, big hair, and very professional. I don't know she'll win, but I will guess she'll place the top half.

Charlie Hides
Giving a little British flair to the proceedings, Charlie is a U.K. queen, and legendary in England. Can she do what Australian Courtney Act couldn't and become a foreign America's next drag superstar? Charlie is a phenomenal performer and nails impressions dead on. With impressions of Cher, Madonna, most of the Kardashians and Melania Trump. If he doesn't win the Snatch Game, this thing is rigged! Charlie also has a quick wit, and is funny as hell. Charlie should place top 5, or he will tank, since he is a live performer. I'm hoping he does well.

Eureka O Hara
Drag Race's  big girl  of the season. Tennessee queen, Eureka brands herself "the elephant queen." Eureka is a beauty and entertaining, but if Latrice and Ginger didn't win, who were highly fabulous and talented, this one is not quite to that level. I don't see a big girl winning here this year, as funny as she is.

Farrah Moan
Farrah is a Vegas queen, following in the footsteps of last season's pseudo-villain and Britney Spears impersonator Derrick Barry. Perhaps she'll perform as Mariah Carey in this season's Snatch Game? She should do pretty good here. At least to mid point.

Jaymes Mansfield
Milwaukee's own Jaymes Mansfield is an active YouTuber — an important quality for success post-Drag Race. Just ask Alaska, Alyssa Edwards, Katya and Trixie Mattel. She's also has got a deep knowledge of drag herstory, something Ru loves to see in her girls. I feel Jamyes should be entertaining, but I don't know how far she will get... possibly maybe somewhere in the first four gone. I little of her goes a looooong way.

Kimora Black
Kimora is another Vegas queen with a strong, breast-first aesthetic. She's the Instagram star of the bunch. She's fun, but fishy doesn't always mean a win, and I don't see one here. She be another early departed.

Nina  Bo'nina Brown
Atlanta queen Nina Bo'nina Brown is this year's makeup queen. Her looks range from freaky to fabulous. She is definitely a creative force, but I don't know this will get her a win. Even I don't understand some of her looks, but applaud her for her creativity. She will be a wild card. She'll do really well, or sink.

Like Sonique , Kenya Michaels, Carmen Carrera and Monica Beverly Hillz, Peppermint is a trans- queen. Unlike most who have come before her, who came out either during or after the show, she was out before her season filmed. Will the series — which has had trouble with trans women in the past — fittingly acknowledge her status? That aside, Peppermint is already a talented legend in New York where I have seen her perform at the Monster and right here in New Hope. I think she will be top half if not the top 5. She is sort of a hometown girl here.I love her.

Sasha Velour
Yet another New York queen! Sasha's got looks for days, reminiscent of season eight's Acid Betty. Will those looks take her far? She is very club kid, but if Acid Betty didn't win, who is excellent at her creative talent, will Sasha?. I think she has a good chance because her looks are more versatile. I think she will be a very good contender for the top queen.

Shea Coulee'
Shea is from Chicago, not New York, and thus I appreciate her. I also appreciate her stunning looks. I say we watch this one !

Trinity Taylor
Trinity marks one of few queens who shares a name with another former contestant on the show. Interestingly, she once beat Alyssa Edwards in a pageant. She is also an Orlando queen, quite the showstopper down there and very well liked... thus talk of the Pulse nightclub shooting is almost inevitable. I have always adored Trinity for her style and looks, which are to die for. You go gurl, werk it, but don't wreck it! She'll do very well and should place top 5, if not top 3.

I have already met her once at a show, but for those who haven't: Valentina is the only Los Angeles queen of the bunch, and as such will be playing on home turf this season. Notably, Valentina is a very cute boy out of drag, which is a great way to amass fans of the show. Her style is mad sickening and will probably do very well in runway and any editorial challenges or photo shoots. Even though he has only been doing drag for 10 months, Valentina has her shit together. She is my other choice for top 5.

So who are you hunty's feeling out for the season???


  1. Jaymes Mansfield is the first to go is what I'm thinking...I mean this ain't the dairy farm...please. Beyond excited about Charlie Hides....that queen is genius!!!!!

  2. Looks to be a wonderful season. Charlie Hides, I'm gagging. I love his Madonna/Gaga/cher/kardashians, trumps vids. He is very funny, witty and quick. I won't see for some time's behind here.

  3. I think Peppermint will go all the way... not because RuPaul is afraid of looking Transphobic. My reason is Pepperint is an amazing seasoned performer. She is truly a legend and one of the best performers you could see in a drag show. She really is the complete package. Peppermint runs with the Big Girls in NYC. I truly think people will love her.

  4. Here goes. My picks...#1. Peppermint #2. Farrah Moan my partners picks. #1. Charlie Hides #2. Kimora Blac and our long shot goes to....Nina Bo'Nina Brown. We've seen the intro videos already and based it off those.

  5. Well, Mistress you had me hooked on this show since season two now. My Best in Show will Charlie, Peppermint, and Trinity. I did see Charlie's Intro video....the best one I have ever seen, he is just too funny. When asked how long to do his make up he replied " I just throw the make up in the air and see where it lands." Priceless.

  6. I am loving more than one queen so that is always a good sign.

  7. I love my blond queens, So I hoping the top four will be Valentina, Jaymes Mansfield, Farrah Moans and Charlie Hides. Kimora I'm feeling the least.

  8. I cant wait omg!!! #teamaja #teamnina #teamjaymes

  9. i have no predictions other than the show will be fantastic now that it'll be on VH1 and will FINALLY FUCKING BE IN HI-DEF!

  10. And they all have such good names too! I like for my top three.....Charlie, Farrah and Shea.

  11. And about time! I adore Charlie Too. I sure hope he wins. If Sasha plays her hands right, I could see a win there too. Alexis and Valentina look to be a blank sure....but it ends there.

  12. Great selection.... but for me a #Charlie #Peppermint for me season for me!!!!!!!!

  13. Trinity Taylor — who won the title of Miss Pulse in 2011 at the Orlando nightclub. Since then she has done a lot for the community. She will be my choice .

  14. Peppermint was one of the first queens I saw when I moved to NYC, and I use to love when she would host CATTLE CALL at Therapy. I think she seems to be a whole package. It takes more than to be just a beauty and over the top quirky.....constantly.

    Alexis will be put into the Roxxy mold. Their visual aesthetics are quite similar. I have seen a handful of her shows

  15. I myself LoVE AND WANT a Eureka win!!!! Love her. But your right...Ginger and Latrice WERE fabulous and didn't win, and Eureka isn't there yet, but it would be wonderful! But I'll adore Charlie too.

  16. The Snatch Game??! Who supplies the snatch? Farrah is such a waif - I'd like to hear what her moans sound like!

  17. I'm just so relived it will be on a regular network now so I can watch it on tv instead of my laptop. Great selection. I've seen Jamyes. Nice person but not impressed with her drag shows when I've seen them.

  18. Just for the sheer What The Hell That's Fabulousness, I'm'a looking out for Nina Bo'nina Brown!

  19. I ain't decided who I will be rootin' for. I'll sure;y be watching and probably have my girl picked out by show number 2. I mean who cares who goes home first or second anyway?

  20. Since I don't watch faithfully - don't hate me, mistress! - I can't proffer a guess. I'll bow to your expertise. Hugs!

  21. I like the look of Aja. I'm getting a Debi Mazar of drag feel.

  22. Looks like a great lineup! Thanks for your assessments! Looking forward to the new season!

  23. I can't wait to sip the T. Loving the look of Alexis Michelle and Aja, and I hear Charlie is absolutely hilarious.

  24. Jaymes needs to fix her hair line. Kimora's lips are already 'busted.

    First to go: Jaymes, Aja, Trinity
    Best on show: Charlie, Peppermint, Nina

  25. After one more season, I think Rupaul should should take all ten winners, plus the two all stars winners, and then have the final season... where they all compete for the ultimate drag race. Now that would be good entertainment. I like the look of this season. Definitely rooting for Charlie, Peppermint and Shea.

    1. Now THAT would be a drag show to end all drag shows! That would be a great way to go out.

  26. I always love seeing what the group photos will look like. They seem to get better and better each YEAR...and what a cast this is....their all stunning.

  27. I love the look of Alexis Michelle and Charlie. But they all look entertaining to me.

  28. I liked them all, but after watching the meet them video on another site. Charlie, Peppermint, Nina Alexis and Sasha had the best videos and most engaging.


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