Wednesday, March 8, 2017


La Voix hails from London, England, and is quickly taking the world by storm. Her talents have been spread far and wide with her semi-final qualification on the televised British variety talent show Britain’s Got Talent. The talent competition invites performers of all types and genres to compete head to head in a battle for the title of the most talented person in all of the United Kingdom. La Voix is a queen who made her mark in a way few others have been able to with this type of mainstream competition. While performing in drag is one aspect of her talent, her powerful vocals are another element that helps to put her over the edge. When asked about what her drag style is about she describes her performance style as 

old school 1950s glamour with a modern edge. It’s a high finish act with an emphasis on live big band music and big Broadway songs  Whatever the reasons for her starting drag, we here at the Casa are glad she did. It seems that so are many other people, with her average of 6 gigs a week all across UK and Europe, doing one to two gigs per day every Thursday through Sunday. If you love La Voix as much as we do and you want to catch her live, she'll be State side very soon in only two US appearances. Miss Thing will be right here in New Hope at the Rrazz Room at the Raven on April 21, 2017 at 7:30 sharp. Tickets here.
NOW THAT is an entrance !!


  1. Love her, love the song! Love the band!

    1. Me too! I love the whole big band vibe she has. And you don't see that often with drag routines

  2. She's actually from Stockton-on-Tees, which couldn't be further from London if she tried... But I digress. I've yet to catch one of her shows, despite the fact that - like the lovely Charlie Hides (who I have seen several times) - she made her name at our legendary (and under threat from developers) Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and still has a regular Sunday "slot" there. Enjoy her show, and be sure to give us a full review, dear! Jx

  3. New Hope is a bit far for me, but would live to see her. I hear she is pure magic.

  4. The Big Band sound is great! How cool would it be to see another drag performer go mainstream after all these years. Jim Bailey was the last one - and at a time when, I suspect, it was quite shocking for most people. Yet, he did it - with his own television specials, and marquee status on the Vegas Strip, to boot. I expect a full review of the New Hope show! Hugs!!!

  5. I love her look and style!!!!! What an entrance, but how did she stand on the platform coming up so quick.

  6. Love the way she looks. And I love big band, so that's another plus

  7. Love the clip and the energy....gave me chills with the opening.


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