Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

The elegance of Ingenue!

Ingenue, who now resides in Madison, Wisconsin has been on the drag scene some time now. The Mistress was girlfriends with her when she was living in Harrisburg, where thanks to her, she revived drag where it was almost non-existent. Most of the entertaining divas had moved on at that point. And could girlfriend throw a fabulous after hours party!!! Ingenue really came into her own and started doing drag in Harrisburg, where she blossomed to a beautiful diva. After leaving "the burg", she hit the Maryland drag circuit where she was Miss Gay Maryland among other titles. Ingenue is one talented Grande Dame who dances, sings, and emcees. In her private life she is now a art dealer by trade. A beauty trading beauty. Ingenue can be scene all over Wisconsin running for titles and showing at cabaret clubs. Miss ya girl!


  1. Cool name she has, I like that! And those are some hair styles!

  2. Ingenue has a wonderful look. I just love those up dos. How many damn queens do you know?

  3. I remember when she use to do Madonn'a music! She really has come a long way!


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