Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Birthday Mother

Today is the Mistress's Mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Ma! Shortly I'll be making the trek in the Towne car to the fair hamlet of Harrisburg for a special dinner at the Aunt and Uncle's abode for a birthday dinner with family and a few close friends. Of course, I may be making the trek like in the picture above!!! It has been raining non-stop since Friday afternoon and we are now having some flooding issues. I almost wasn't going to go, but it looks like it may let up soon this afternoon. She thinks it's only going to be her sister and brother-in-law so she will be surprised to see everyone! And she has had a hard last two weeks as a main water pipe broke in the basement of the ancestral home, flooding the fully finished rooms of the basement. I heard the pool table has a whole new meaning! So needless to say she has a huge mess and in the process of a full gutting. So I just had to make the trip. After all she has done of me and the good times we share, how could I not. We have even have thrown back a few cosomo's on occassion! Not only is she my Mom but also a good friend. Have a Wonderful Birthday Mom! And a dry one!


  1. Awwwwww ... Happy Birthday to your dear Mother!!!


  2. Happy Birthday to Mistress Mom. Hope you had a great evening.

  3. I hope you guys had a wonderful time.It's great you get alomg so well.

  4. I agree with David, he isn't quite has hot in person, but if you and #1 Fan are going to do it, I'll join in;)

  5. Sorry your mom had to go through such an ordeal just because of a water pipe. It is always nice when your mom is also your friend. Miss mine terribly, just for that reason.


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