Saturday, August 10, 2013

Late Night with the Lady Bunny

Now. I'm not even gonna waste time saying how a just adore Lady Bunny. She is just one of the most iconic queens , like , ever! She is still the toast on NYC and has just released her newest single Take Me Higher, Just the right amount of house, some sound of lounge and disco......bringing back the good old days. Nice to see someone has some taste of a good ditty. Check it out y'all.....


  1. I might just have to borrow Bunny's volumizing shampoo

  2. God love Bunny, she sure can't dance , but the song in pretty good...and she looks fabulous as always.

  3. She is nuts! I love her! And then theres that hair!

  4. I love the groovy sound it has. Course she could yodel and I'd still think she was fabulous.

  5. Replies
    1. You caught that too? But only more fabulous!


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