Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Madonna's Celebration

Have y'all heard Madonna's new little ditty? I just heard Celebration over the weekend and I think she redeemed herself a little with the Mistress. I just love the look of the video, and her wardrobe is kicking and trendy while still being a little age appropriate. The video also features Lourdes her daughter, at the 2:29 mark. Lourdes looks like a chip off the old block. And her baby Jesus Luz, who Madonna is kissing up on and gyrating with, is also present. You go girl! Work that body, but don't break it. I think the video is kick ass.


  1. It's definitely interesting. I love her look in this one.

  2. Oh, gurhl, we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one....

  3. I agree. I couldn't stand Hard Candy. But this is more Madonna. She is look more her age here and not ridiclous. And Jesus is hot as hell in the video.

  4. Loves the video! She did do better with this I agree. I wasn't buying Hard Candy.


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