Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's up You Ask? Not a Damn Thing

That's right. The Mistress can't tell y'all how nice to just sit on her ass and do not a damn thing! It has been since mid May that my schedule allowed for my weekend lounging at home with no plans. Originally this weekend I was suppose to be gay camping with my good friend and sister Mame. My friend and host had to cancel the weekend as he had family coming to visit he hadn't seen in some time, so the trip got cancelled. I was depressed at first because we had such a lovely time last year. But as it turns out the weather this weekend sucks as it has been raining since yesterday. And I'm talking typhoon rains here. The area where the camp ground is are getting pounded even harder than we are. So it would have been a wash out. Plus Mame can get her regular meals! I only eat like every other week ya know. So this weekend I am ENJOYING doing NOTHING! The house work is done, and I may go to the market later to get some fruit and veggies but that's it. I have been spending my time watching DVD'S I got at a kick off meeting from work. They are chalk full of old TMC movies! So I am now on my fourth movie and have already seen:

The Philadelphia Story

Meet Me in St. Louis

And the fabulous, The Band Wagon, with the very gorgeous and talented Cyd Charisse! I love me ALOT of Cyd Charisse!

Next up will be Easter Parade with Judy Garland. So as you can see I'm in heaven right know. So who care that it is raining? It's just nice to be home again for a week or two -for now. Although a pork bun or two might be nice.


  1. Marissa Devine9/12/2009

    Good for you! I swear, sometimes they are the best weekends. Enjoy.

  2. I so can see you lounging like the picture above! It is just terrible out isn't! I'm sitting here watching tv as well. I love me some old movies, but today it all about horror.

  3. Cyd Charisse......gooood stuff. Maddie...enjoy your time doing NOTHING!!! good times...good times.

    I'm surprised you're not watching the Ohio State Football Game...since you like football now! ;)


  4. Bitch... I put a picture of a pork bun on my blog and you didn't even thank me!
    Guess I will have to cancel the Cyd Charisse montage I had planned for next week!

  5. Anonymous9/12/2009

    Sometimes it is SO good not to have anything to do. They can be the best days.

  6. You were exactly home with no plans? The sky is falling! It was all about football here today. Some great games on.

  7. Batina9/13/2009

    Sounds good to me! I love old movies and you got yourself some good ones there. I love the Philadelphia Story and have seen it like at least 12 times. It's great. Enjoy the day.

  8. You and Miss Ginger are way too funny! Love it!

  9. Maddie, I'm happy you had some down time. Sometimes I feel dizzy thinking of all you do in any given week. Truly heavenly film choices.

  10. Well, it's about time you sat home and did nothing. How long have you been traveling? Ever since I started reading you have always been going somewhere! And I don't like old movie historically but I love The Philadelphia Story.

  11. Kyle- you have no ides how much I enjoyed it!!! And the movies only made it better.

    Beth- I will only be into football if a hunky man shows me the balls...I mean ropes.


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