Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking A Powder

Exhausted! That is how the Mistress is. I must apologise for my lack of commenting on all your lovely blogs this week and I miss them. It has been a very busy week. I have been working longer hours getting the store ready for a HUGE top VIP visit on Tuesday, wrapping up our HOT event at the store, and visually enhancing two trunk shows and one fashion show and then there's our kick-off meeting for our fall fashions! And next week is our holiday pro-type! That's fine by me, this queen can handle alot! I have in the past "handled" two guys at the same time while smoking a cigar and mixing a gin and tonic, opps,I meant, I can multi-task just fine! Yea that's it! So it has been just insane this week and when the Boy-Toy gets home, we are leaving for a impromptu trip to Harrisburg to say goodnight to my friend Sherman who passed away last Sunday and stay overnight with the Mother. So I will be back next week. Till then I'll just take a quick powder and cock-a-tail till the Boy-Toy gets home. Tootles!


  1. Good luck on your events! I am sure they will utterly fabu as you are involved... And luck you to work in fa-fa-fashion... I so need a makeover as I am one step away from frump.

    Hope your goodbye is poignant in all the right ways.


  2. God, you are one busy person girl! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. good luck on you event, we will be here for you

  4. So glad to see you guys last night. And -- Boy Toy, I promise to write more blogs. Take care.

  5. you go with your badd ass self MAddie!

    so sorry about the goodbye tho. :(

    and the two guy thing? MADDIE!!!! You HO!!!


  6. Maddie...thanks for buying the shots to toast Sherman. We will really miss seeing him on the dance floor but it really felt like old times...was good for all of us to be together. Let me know when you are in town again and maybe we can take another trip to Egypt.


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