Sunday, December 7, 2014


Some of my friends think I'm nuts. When it comes to shopping for the week for food items, I almost always stop daily for provisions I'll need, like meat or fresh produce. Most of the people I know shop for the week or two, but nope, I can't. I never really know what I'm hungry for more than a day ahead. One of my favorite places to stop coming or going to work is Max Hansen's Grocery, but Saturday's are my favorite day to go......
 Not only is it convenient for my trip, but it is a cool place. Think quaint. Think a place to hangout with your coffee, a doughnut and your friends. Or to just read the paper and look up every now and then to see who has walked in. Add to this a small market to pick up something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or an emergency grocery item. And finally top off this vision with some of the best made, locally sourced food Bucks County has to offer. I'm in heaven.

Years ago it was a general store and a post office right next to it. But it was nothing like this. Since Max Hansen took over and bought it, who is a highly regarded catering owner here in the area, it has gotten amazing, with a wide range of staples to the exotic.  Breakfast options like the Breakfast Burrito that I had the other day. A flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheese, chorizo, potatoes, braised black beans, onions and peppers. The morning donuts are delish!!!!!

Another reason I like Max's is for their prepared foods cabinet!!!!!! If I get held up at work later, I hate cooking to late, so I'll stop and pick up something. Everything has always been to die for.  And I love that he sells other locally procured items like the honey, and skincare lavender products made right up the road at Carousel Farms.

They make their own energy and health bars....

or if you want, they also have ostrich eggs....
and every contingency is available like if you should run out of caviar....
After work Friday I dinned in, and my dinner  was a delish grilled chicken and artichoke salad....
This place best be here for a while, it's got me spoiled.


  1. That salad sounds amazing!!!! And I guessing those ostrich eggs would make a huge omelet????

  2. Next time we get over that way, I will have to check this place out. These hidden places are usually little gems.

  3. Now between yesterdays post and now this, your just making me hungry.

  4. I find more and more of these types of places are cropping up here in town. It's nice to see some small business again. Love the look of the place though.

  5. Even if we do shop once a week, I couldn't resist stopping into a place like that every day!

  6. When I first left the,states and lived in Europe, that was a way of life there. Most people I knew only kept staples in their cupboards, and shopped daily for meats, fruits,produce, and everyday meals. They like the food most fresh, which does make a difference. What a lovely market!!!!

  7. Great quaint market is right. The way you shop is what I also do. It also cuts back on wasting alot of food.

    1. Your right. With just staples in the house, and stopping everyday, I find I'm not wasting nearly what I used to.

  8. I could use one of those donuts right now......and cavier!!! Now that's a market!!!!

  9. I usually shop twice a week for food, but I could see myself visiting a place like this more often.

  10. I love markets like this, and love chickens, so I love the logo they have.


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