Monday, May 10, 2010

Time With the Mother

The Mistress is just now getting back in the swing of things after a very nice and relaxing Mother's Day visit. Every year I usually go to the ancestral home to prepare a lovely dinner for my mother and my aunt. It has sort of become a tradition. The Mistress just ties up her tendrils, and puts on a apron and does all the work. We got to spent a very nice weekend doing our favorite things, shopping, going to the market, and watching old Hollywood movies we have on DVD. After getting all I needed at the market, it was on to the florist. In addition to dinner, I also pieced together two arrangement for the table. One for my aunt, and the other for my mother. This years menu was a bit more simple. Grilled Pork chops with fresh Rosemary, a Mashed Potato casserole, and steamed green beans. Turns out pork is also a favorite of the uncle. And was it delish!

After the pork was done it was time to put a feta sauce with the some minced rosemary over the top of the pork chop, with a side of green beans. Of course Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without a beautiful table setting. The Mistress broke out her great grandmother's china and stemware for the day mixed with some pastels linens and the floral arrangements for the two honored guest.

After the pre-dinner cock-a-tails, three bottles of wine and the dinner and much laughter and talk we were all wiped out and full! My mom's dog Lady I think, just looked on, probably thinking we were all drunken nuts, and appalled she didn't get a scraps!

Course there was nothing left to give! So a lovely day was had to remember, now the Mistress has a busy week coming up! It just never ends around these parts.


  1. God damn Mistress, you are GOOD! Next year I'm hiring you to do the dinner at my place for my mom and aunts! That's stunning. I'm lucky if I can find the pans!!!

  2. What a lovely thng to do for your mother and aunt! Sounds and looks like it was a splendid day indeed! I can tell you all have a good time I bet.

  3. Girl, yous got talent!

  4. What lucky family they have! You really do have quite a few talents!

  5. You really do it all! Interior design, visual style, cook, and look wonderful in drag and cook in the boudior too! That Boy Toy is lucky!


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