Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

The storm of Miss April Showers!

If you were to take a little glamour, mix it with style and grace, then toss in some sex appeal, with a hint of diva , you would get Miss April Showers. She first stepped into the drag scene in the summer of 1995,when April started doing drag in Cincinnati, Ohio performing at the Dock and Chasers. Once sharpening her act, fine tuning her makeup, and stocking her wardrobe she then moved to Dayton in September 1997 and was on the Celebrity show cast. She has competed in numerous national pageants, making top 12 in several of them. She has over 15 bar and city titles. April has now taken her act to the big bright lights out west and living and working in Las Vegas and last year crowned Miss Gay USofA @ Large 2009"


  1. April is just a doll! I did several shows with her, and she got talent!

  2. your telling me thats not a woman?

  3. Dang! That's a whole lotta thunder. She looks great!

  4. My you drag queens sure do look awfully beautiful these days! April is just stunning!

  5. Mistress Maddie #1 FanMay 26, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    I saw her once when I was in Ohio living for two years. She was a very beautiful queen and could she dance!


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