Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4TH

Happy 4TH of July to all of you. The festivities have already got under way here so the Mistress and Boy-Toy were at a lovely cook-out last night and got in late. The Mistress is a wee bit hung this morning. Vacation started yesterday for us for a whole to weeks. I have some packing to finish today. We will be going to Harrisburg to visit with family and friends, some time at the beach, and the trip will end with some good ole camping at the Woods Campground. It will be nice to just lounge around, have some cock-a-tails and see some of these!

Tonight their will be a family picnic at my mother's house and then fireworks. I must say tat for a small town Harrisburg put on quite a nice display! So since the Mistress will be on vacation I want you all to take care and please watch Sam aka Tugboat for me, from over at God! You Ain't Gonna Believe This! You see today he will be setting off fireworks and I'm concerned for his safety. I'm worried he may set them off in this fashion!

So so along and I'll be back after vacation! Tootles!


  1. Enjoy, and give my best to the Boy-Toy!

  2. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!"

    Have a great vacation!!!


    P.S. - Please do not give the fireworks dude any BEAN DIP!

  3. That guy is probably from TN!!

  4. Thanks for the concern Maddie, all was fine. Wish you could have seen it. Video will be posted soon. happy 4th, and enjoy your vacation!!!!


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