Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Technological Advances

This past year I must admit the Mistress has shocked even herself that she has moved into this century. Up to this point she was on top of the newest cock-a-tails to try and what they were, (and hell, even trying the latest remedies for hang overs the next day), who was the hottest and sexiest up and coming men and where to find them, and the latest in fashion and interior design. This year the Mistress had her eyes forced open and was told to get with it. I think my good friend and sister Mamie can agree with me. We just don't like all this change and aren't sure of it. So, the Mistress is now on-line and on a lap top, not to mention started this little ole' blog. Up to this point, I wasn't on-line. I did have a lap top, but the Boy-Toy got us a upgraded one with the fancy shit. The next thing was the disposable cameras. She now has a very swank digital camera and was amazed how easy it is to use. The pictures look so beautiful too. And now yet another shock! For Christmas the Mistress received, brace yourselves, A Ipod!!!!

How cool is that. That was one of the gifts from the Boy-Toy. And he got me a nifty gift card to start me off with a good collection of music. This weekend when the Boy-Toy is away, I going to try to attempt to figure out how it works and possibly down load some tunes. I tell ya, I can't take all this new technology all in one year. I may need a cock-a-tail!


  1. Girl!! You need to figure that shit out and let me know how it's done. I can barely operate my cell phone!!

  2. You two crack me up. I say we do an "Ask Kailyn" tech session over cocktails next month.

    I have built desktop computers and I own a digital camcorder, digital camera, and an iPhone. My mom says that she doesn't need to hire Geek Squad because she has me. Because yes, I have had to talk her through software issues over the phone.

  3. Kailyn- my little ole pea brain is spinning with what you know how to do. What the hell is a desktop? And you built it? Is it a desk with a flat top? Well anyway you do the tech stuff and we'll handle the cock-a-tails!


  4. hahahah, a new ipod: your life will never be the same, i promise!


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