Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week.......

Extraordinary Diva Charles Busch!

Imagine Joan Crawford's stately glamour, Susan Haywood's tough-broad shtick and Carol Burnett's flair all rolled into one and you get the multi-talented and extraordinary person and diva that is Charles Busch! Actor, playwright, novelist, drag queen legend and screenwriter are all things Charles Busch has done and is. He authored and starred in The Lady in Question, Red Scare on Sunset, and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, which ran five years and is one of the longest running shows on off Broadway. Charles also starred in the movie versions to the plays he wrote, Psycho Beach Party and Die Mommie Die, the latter of which won him the Best Performance Award at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition Charles has also starred in six musicals, 23 plays and 2 motion pictures all while bing the elegantly coiffed diva!

And here is a clip of the trailor for the movie Die Mommie Die. In the Mistress opinion he really does nail the old Hollywood movie siren role, don't you think!


  1. is it bad for a woman to feel AWFUL when a drag queenlooks wayyyyy better than she does?

  2. Anonymous1/14/2009

    I have always thought Charles Bucsh was a incredible diva. The movie Die Mommie Die was just funny as hell. And his style-very elegant

  3. Funny you should mention that. I just said to David that we should go to the Night of a Thousand Gowns and take the Empress Beth I-the Dust Bunny Empress with us. Hell your already hot! We will just have you dripping in furs and rhinestones! Good times!

    Love you-Love your hair-

  4. honey, COME GET ME!!!!! I would LOVE to go to the corner store with you girls!!!!!


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