Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Speaking of Drag...It's Drag Histroy Month

Drag queens everywhere! Clutch your pearls and rejoice! Varla Jean Merman is proud to announce today, January is National Drag History Month! From New Now, "Finally, all those pioneering trans-tastic visionaries who've fought to entertain and educate us for decades are getting there due. Think of the societal and cultural strides made by queens at Stonewall,at pride marches,and on stages around the world. Whenever there's a cause that affects our community drag queens lead the charge" So this month the Mistress will try to feature some fun pictures, facts and some tid-bits of interest in honor of queens everywhere! A nice hat tip to Lady Bunny! The post below this one is a first look at Rupaul's Drag Race to start with!

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  1. Well, gurl, you scooped me on that one! I had no idee there was such a thing, but I will totally spread the word!

  2. Anonymous1/08/2009

    It's about time all the beautiful,hard working drag queens are getting there due. Plus I can't imagine going into a club and not seeing one! There a staple of any good club.

  3. Miss G- I didn't either girl! A nice hat tip to Lady Bunny!

  4. Anonymous1/08/2009

    I agree! It's about time all the elegant beauties had there day in the sun! Yo go girls!

  5. Happy National Drag Month, boys and girls, and boy-girls.


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