Monday, January 5, 2009

Normalcy Returns

Aaaahhhhh....the return of normalcy. At last. This past weekend the Mistress and the Boy Toy went to New Jersey to help celebrate our good friend's birthday,so we had a lovely dinner on Friday night and then for his night of debauchery he wanted to go into the city for a good time. After dinner,we went to Rockefeller Center to view the tree and then went to Splash Bar where our friend wanted to go for two for one happy hour. Well, by 9:30 we were all pretty lit. We met some very nice boys to all talk too, plus the Mistress's bar tend was very sweet and could he make a mean gin and tonic! While sitting at the bar we also befriended Kenny Dash, a New York City drag queen who plays host to Splash Bar's Stud Search. She tried like hell to get all three of us in the search with her sweet talking. Stud Search is hosted by Ms. Dash every Saturday. For this extremely salacious search, Ms.Dash locates the finest and fittest in the bar where they vie for a $200 weekly cash prize. This institution she told me has gone on now for 17 years. With her signature wit and decidedly Long Island-ish attire, Ms.Dash was able to coax quite a few hotties to the stage, but not us. The Boy-Toy was way to shy. Our friend couldn't do it. He wouldn't be able to take his eyes off the other contestants, and the Mistress couldn't show skin. What if the paparazzi was present? It would be a scandal! We were all very flattered though. Here's Ms.Dash with some of the boys!

Now -the Mistress is relived that all the festivities are over. She told the Boy-Toy and friends that January and a part of February, this bitch is on hiatus. No plans. No parties. No traveling. She has been on the go since October. So she went back to work today and is now home. So the Mistress came home and is just relaxing. A nice hot bath and a mud facial,and a hair condition.

After that she is sitting down to watch The Dark Knight that I have been wanting to see and tomorrow night the Chronicles of Narnia-Prince Casapin.The Mistress may venture out in January and February but for the most part usually hibernates these two months to refuel and organize some things around the abode. I am looking so forward to this time.


  1. Again -

    The bitch comes to NYC and doesn't call me!

  2. Mame- Don't get your panties in a twirl. It was actully spur of the moment. Our friend didn't know what he wanted to do till we got there! Next time we are there, we will call and go to Splash and together we will enter the Stud Search Contest and show these bitches what hottness is!


  3. Anonymous1/05/2009

    Mistress,you are one crazy bitch! We should hang out sometime if I get to Philly!

  4. You deserve some R and R! Miss Ginger has to get through the Mardi Gras Ball in February, then maybe she can take a weekend off before it's time to plan Derby Day. Oye, we are busy girls!

  5. Anonymous1/06/2009

    And why do I so picture you with a turban on your head in the tub like this hunk?

  6. Girls- stop your bickering, its the new year!

    I am thrilled that the holidays are over!

  7. I would call Tranny if I was in New York...hell, I'd probably stalk him!

    and Dark Knight...did you like it? heath Ledger was incredible but that movie is lonnnnggggggg....

  8. Beth-I did love it! But your right it was very long!

  9. Sounds like you've been on the go non-stop! Enjoy some down time and recharge those batteries, girl.

  10. Anonymous1/10/2009

    Sounds like a good time. I love me some Stud search at Splash. That place gets some good looking hunks!


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