Friday, January 23, 2009

Aretha Franklin and The Hat

I haven't had time to post yet about Ms. Aretha Franklin and the hat yet. I know my good sister and friend Mamie is in love with the Hat and now stalking it. But I received a email from a friend asking what I thought of her at the inauguration. The Mistress has to say she thought Ms Franklin look very well put together. It was very stately looking and was a very good selection for her being a fuller figured gal, and lets face it she isn't exactly a style icon. The outfit was the perfect choice for the day. A lovely shade of winter grey and it suited her complexion nicely. And the Mistress LOVED the hat. The Mistress loves a good chapeau for any occasion. And I feel Aretha picked up a nice one. She got it I understand from a little millinery in her town of Detroit.The hat was big, but it fit her frame wonderfully.I thought this was a huge upgrade for Ms Franklin! Lets face it she has looked worse!


  1. All must obey THE HAT.


  2. Anonymous1/23/2009

    Mistress you are just too funny,sick, but funny!

  3. Anonymous1/24/2009

    Your right. I think this may be the best I have seen Aretha look in a looonnng time. And that second picture? Thats just gross!

  4. i love how aretha and her double-Fs think it's perfectly OK to rock spaghetti-strap-no-bra! that poor, put-upon fabric...

  5. Mamie- Are you now going to create a Hat Topia?

    Chef- girl,you are not kidding about that poor put upon fabric has you call it! Your too funny!

    Social Disaster- your not kidding! That's putting it mildly! And thanks for commenting and welcome!

  6. I hated the hat. My hopes where that at the end of the song it was going to take flight and take her with it. :)


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