Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ode to David

So this weekend was low key. I ended up doing household chores that needed to be done and the Boy-Toy did all his school related studies and some of his back work of his job. Saturday evening I didn't know what to have for dinner. At that moment I think my friend David was channeling me. I got a glassed eyed look over my face, dropped the penny saver I was clipping coupons from, and I said to Boy- Toy, lets go to Arby's in a eerie voice!

It's just around the corner and 12 miles up the road. So we had a delish dinner .The Boy-Toy had his two chicken and swiss and I had the Chicken Fillet special and wash that down with a Arby-Q. Thank you David for the suggestion!


  1. Mmmmmm ...

    This is your most delicious post EVAH! I am so jealous.


  2. I loves me some Arby's!

  3. I love those curly fries!

    Mark :-)


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