Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy Friday everybody!!!!
So, little Jack Frost get lost, get lost,
 Little Jack Frost get lost, get lost

You don't do a thing but put the bite on my toes

 There's lots of cold feet, all the lovers complain
You turn off the heat down in lover's lane

The fence in the park is all alone in the dark
So, little Jack Frost get lost, get lost,
 So, little Jack Frost go away, go away
And don't you come back another day
Opps, sorry, forgot someone might be here to here my best singing....

 Currently at the Casa I received another 8 1/2" last night...... of snow, a wonderfully chilled 9 degrees , and winds of up to 45 mph!!!! So yes it's cold as hell out baby!!!! Later I'll have to take Buster out where I'll have to wear long underwear, jeans, four shirts, a sweater, two pairs of socks, coat, hat, gloves, scarves, and one hand made, from love, banana cozy, made from the talents of Princess, who was passing them out at Mistress MJ'S infamous house of smut, the Infomaniac . I just hope it fits. Nothing worst then long John and the boys getting frost bit! When I take my pup out maybe I'll share some picture with you of our snow-venure! But I know one to warm my cockles, it might take a few trips of the shaker......


  1. UGH!!! Stay warm & cozy, Hon!

  2. Yeah , this just sucks, I 'm home today also, so if you need help getting the banana cozy stuffed Im here to help!!!!

  3. I hope you and others out there are hanging in there. Stay warm.

    I'll be nice and not tell you how warm it was at the Lair yesterday.

  4. I would say we can all appreciate the song Litlle Jack Frost Get Lost today. Even my chinchilla isn't warming me up today!!! Adore the shaker cartoon, makes me happy.

  5. I'm in the house & here I'll stay
    til that dirty old jack frost goes away
    goes away-
    Here in my home with cocktail shaker so gay,
    so gay, so gay, so gay...

  6. spouse and I have a snow day! I ain't going out there; my asthma would never forgive me.

    I forget which cartoon that shaker is from, but the cartoon itself is prob from the 1930s.

  7. Banana cozy? That should be like squeezing 10lbs of flour in a 5lb bag! Enjoy your blustery day!

  8. A throw away tidbit about myself.....I'm good at warming cockles.

  9. I do so love the Self Shaking Cock-a-Tale Shaker™!

    1. I am shocked that the Casa doesn't have an official Cock-a-Tale shaker.

  10. That sounds awful! It cold here to but not like that. If the Mistress were to become a household item , that would be it with those gams.

  11. And silly me though Jack Frost was a hunky ski instructor. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  12. That reminds me of New Year Eve, you dancing and things shakin, never mind. Enjoy the extra day off, I'm sure you did!


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