Sunday, January 19, 2014


Whilst I still enjoy nights on the town, nothing will compete with the large club days and the dance music of the 90's. It was then like having church. And hands down, my favorite RuPaul song will always be House of Love. Here is RuPaul performing House of Love at Wigstock, A Celebration of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Big Hair!  Wigstock was an annual outdoor drag festival that began in the 1980s in New York's East Village that took place on Labor Day. Traditionally the festival would act as the unofficial end to the summer for the gay community of New York City. The name references the 1969 Woodstock Festival. What a hoot it was!
But this song always put a smile on my face and a free feeling when dancing to it.....


  1. Thank you, Mistress, for sharing this! Whenever I see some thing of this nature I am filled with regret...regret that I didn't migrate to New York or San Francisco and participate in what has proven to be a fabulous time for our community. It was young, it was angry, and yet it was love. There were many struggles but we are overcoming.
    And is there anyone more fabulous than RuPaul?

    1. I feel much the same way. I think its great we are now getting our dues, and allowed to marry in states, I can't help but wonder how the community will change. With gay clubs closing like crazy and no need for gay destinations has much since it is more accepting, I would miss having our "own" places. I go out now and see a guy and I'm like is he gay or straight? I just hope we can still have that feeling of community like what I read about back then.

  2. I love it, I love it, I love it!! love it! I don't know how come I missed this shows in NY!! Miss Bunny should make some more!! I sometimes feel I missed out of the height of the underground gay movement going above ground, when things were moving and shaking, and there was more sense of a gay community doesn't feel the same at times either. I love vintage Ru.

  3. Oh Child, that's so 90's love Old School Music, how I miss it.

  4. Ah,House of Love!!!! Loved that one. The 90's were so fun, the big,huge clubs, the 90's thump a thump, the fabulous queens and string of characters. RuPaul meanwhile has been such a huge role model and does it with such ease and fun.

  5. This song is great! Early RuPaul looks so different, but still fierce.

  6. I'm bad. I only knew Ru from drag race, so I am enjoy this. He did some cool stuff! You had me up and dancing!

  7. I remember RuPaul from regular media in the 'super model' days. Not sure how. But became a fan when the Drag Race started.


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