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First off, I'd like to thank everybody for stopping in always and for your kind and welcomed comments on the Drag History post! It tickles me when you all enjoy them!!!! Today, I am going to talk about some talented Drag Troupes.....nothing new since we read about Sunday's post on the wonderful Jewel Box Revue! These drag troupes not only supply entertainment these days, but many also give back to the communities by providing entertainment, laughs, a fun night out, service and time to charities and raise many funds for various causes and Aids related research and hospice houses. Not only that, but to many, it's also a close knit gay family and a safe haven to be who we are. Some of my favorite troupes.....
The Dairy Queens.....
 "The Dairy Queens" is a batch of hilarious drag queens based in NYC. The group consists of: MILK, Yoohoo, Skim Burley, Linda Lakes & Juggz. Their drag is gender fuck mixed with some elegant drag but with a twist. The shows are complete hilarity. 
House of Galore....
The House of Galore is the smallest house of ball houses, and closest today to the Jewel Box Revue, as it has only 10 Drag Queens and 1 Drag King. They all have their own style, personality and specialities. But the main key to their success is that they are professional, beautiful, fierce and fabulous, Strong looks, perfectionists but most important they all have a very positive energy. Approachable, Funny, Original. FUN. Most recently they created a beautiful photo spread to speak out about the gay issues facing Russia.
Sylvia O' Stayformore and Bacon Strip
Bacon Strip The Big Gay Variety Show! A monthly theater show serving up laughter, costumes, outrageous acts, drag performances, and bacon! Many queens like Jinkx Monsoon have starred here with the help of Seattle's effervescent hostess, Sylvia O Staymore, who is all about helping out new talent. The rest of the gang is.....
Ursula Major Sometimes bearded, sometimes hairy, sometimes fishy, sometimes scary. She prides herself on being unpredictable in the way she looks, but always aims to deliver something fantastic.. 

Kenny and James Darling, Burlesque boys who have an affinity for drag queens, pole dancing, 80s classics and squeeze bottles.The chemistry between them is undeniable. When asked about their relationship off stage, they only say, “We never ever leave a show together but we ALWAYS come together!”
Cherry Sur Bete is a conceptual artist with a fetish for Drag. As her name suggests (also French for Cherry on Beast) she fuses masculine characteristics with a feminine mystique; obliterating gender stereotypes for a refined personal truth. A master of disguise, chameleon of color.

 Other stars of the group are Honey Bucket, Colony, Otter Pop and Ade
The House of Balenciaga
This legendary house has been serving it now for years,and still going strong with the Ball Room culture.  One of their most notable residents is Mariah Paris Balenciaga.
 And my hat is off to her and any queen who knows Ball Room. Of all aspects of the drag world, this is by far the toughest, most grueling and physically challenging, while staying swank while doing so. The ball houses are also a welcoming port to most young gay fledgings with creating a very close knit family.
The Supreme Fabulettes
The Supreme Fabulettes have been a staple of the drag circuit for years. Known for their insanely tight harmonies, lavish costumes and sky-scraper wigs, the girls are now  back with a brand new show. The Supreme Fabulettes, who perform Glee-style song mash-ups of classic 1960s Motown hits and contemporary songs, continue their meteoric rise with their first ever full length show - The Supreme Fabulettes in Love, Rhythm and Tears. This time however, they've added  a storyline to their usual revue style act, and promise to reveal  the trials and tribulations of the female group over the years. Just what can we expect from their latest offering? Well, whatever it is, you know it'll be fabulous.These three ladies have voices to rival the Garland/ Minnelli family and when the three divas sing together in harmony.... the result is breath-taking!
There are many more troupes, but these are a few of my favorites.


  1. Another great installment!!! William and I saw The Supreme Fabulettes and they were beyond amazing.

  2. Sylvia O' Stayformore and the Bacon Strip!!!!! there doing some pretty funny stuff. We highly recommend their show. Nice post darling!

  3. I wish I could see some of these acts in my neck of the woods. It might mean a road trip to Palm Springs or LA, though.

  4. I could be part of the Dairy Queens!!! The Supreme Fabulettes looking like a great show.

  5. Another great post! I do believe before this lady gets any older I would like to see the House of Galore and the Fabulettes. And the Sylvia could be many of my friends.


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