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Danny La Rue........ With his dazzling coiffures, extravagant costumes, immaculate make-up, fitted eyelashes, blonde peek-a-boo wig and high heels, La Rue — tall and handsome — brought an air of the most amiable and poised self-mockery to clubs, cabarets, variety halls and summer shows for nearly 40 years, and was at a time billed the most famous drag queen in the world at one time! Danny is one of my favorite queens to follow- talk about talent!
  La Rue was an Irish-born British entertainer known for his singing and drag impersonations. He served in the Royal Navy as a young man following his father's footsteps, and even had a brief career delivering groceries, but he became known for his skill as a female impersonator (or "comic in a frock" as he preferred to be called) in the United Kingdom and was featured in theatre productions, and in film, television and records.
Among his celebrity impersonations were Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich and Margaret Thatcher. At one point he had his own nightclub in Hanover Square, and also performed on London's West End. In the 1960s he was among Britain's highest-paid entertainers. In 1982 he played Dolly Levi in the musical Hello, Dolly!. He also has the distinction of being the only man to take over a woman's role in the West End theatre when he replaced Avis Bunnage in Oh, What a Lovely War! and he was until his death still a regular performer in traditional Christmas pantomime shows in Britain. In 1968 his version of "On Mother Kelly's Doorstep" reached number 33 in the UK singles chart; La Rue later adopted the song as his theme tune.
He appeared in Every Day's a Holiday, The Frankie Howard Show, Our Miss Fred, Twiggs, Decidedly Dusty, Entertainment Express, Blackpool Bonanza and the BBC's Play of the Month in a production of Charley's Aunt (1969). He made a guest appearance in the Mr. Bean episode Mr. Bean in Room 426 in 1993. He most recently appeared in Hello Danny a biographical show performed at Benidorm Palace, which opened in Spain in  November  2007. The part of the young La Rue was played by Jerry Lane, who also co-created and directed. La Rue appeared at the start of the show and then in an interview on stage in part of the second half. He also performed a number of songs. This show proved to be La Rue's final major public appearance.
La Rue suffered a mild stroke in January 2006 whilst in Spain on holiday after his final Pantomime and all of his planned performances were cancelled. He had been suffering from prostate cancer for many years unbeknown to his fans. He had several subsequent strokes and developed cancer of the throat. He died in his home shortly before midnight on  May 31 2009 at the age of 81, his companion, Annie Galbraith, was with him at his home in when he died. La Rue was laid to rest with his partner, Jack Hanson, who were a couple for 40 years.
Back in the day when I did drag it was all about the entrance and huge looks to me.... so this clip gives me chills...... I adore this

And another show Danny did with model Twiggy singing Two Little Girls From Little Rock
Now this is a entertaining queen.


  1. Was it Danny LaRue who guest starred in an episode of "All in the Family"? I seem to recall it but I could just be going senile.

    1. Your not senile, but I remember that too, but I think it was Charles Pierce, the other fabulous queen.

  2. Singing with Twiggy!
    How fabulous!

  3. Llove this man he's simply the best!!!!

  4. He is still a great British star in my eye's and deserves more recognition for changing the view of drag. Those clips are great!

  5. Oh, man is that a train on a dress! Great singer, too.

  6. Danny was a one off and there will never be another. He was a fantastic example of how loved the variety performer was.

  7. All I can say he'll be looking down with the last laugh. I'm sure that up there they will be well entertained. That first clip was amazing! Talk about THE entrance!!!!!

  8. Danny always had that "that a little bit extra"! Classic drag!!!! I can see why he is a legend.

  9. A fabulous post, a fascinating life story he had, and an inspiration for the Drag Queen world.

  10. Oh my! How thrilling to have a glimpse of the talent and showmanship of the dazzling Danny LaRue tonight!


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