Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

Fya London is a fabulous queen and female illusionist and has been working as such for the past 7 years. Although she has been offered some bent ways of seeing life and living life, she still prevails and comes out on top of her game. Fya has been up, down, pushed around, but she still stands her ground and this is just her ... full force! am known as the J-Lo of buffalo. Her impersonations of her are very well and she loves to tease the crowd with it. Fya studied J-Lo for 3 months, and now moves like her and appear to be her. It's sometimes very un-canny. Fya London can be seen at CLUB MARCELLA in Buffalo, NY. I think we will be seeing lots more of her to come!


Go ahead darling, tell me something fabulous!

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