Thursday, August 21, 2008

Miss,Richfield 1981!!

Mrs.Richfield is another of the drag queens I adore.She has been around for some time and is just funny as hell!I have seen her a couple of times here and in Rehoboth Beach!If you get a chance you should check out her videos on the old you tube where she sings and dances.She even sings her own songs and doesn't move her lips to others music!And I just love all her vintage looks.You go Mrs.Richfield!!


  1. Maddie!!

    BITCH! Why didn't you tell me you were blogging!!???!!!

    I will have to give you a shout-out at DavidDust. BTW - today is my 1 year blogiversary!



  2. Life is full of surprises ain't girl!I'm still learn all this techie stuff!

  3. She's always appearing here in Rehoboth but I have somehow not seen her yet. Must do it.

    Mark :-)


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