Monday, August 25, 2008

Design Hunk

Top Design on the Bravo network is slated to start on September 3rd,and I can't wait. After seeing the previews for the show and seeing this hunky man, I had to find out who he was. So I went to their web site to find him on the Top Design info page.He is one hot, hot, hot guy. I also went to his web site he has on his company,Preston Lee Designs,and not only is he very hot and handsome,but is very talented. His work is very chic and modern and uses muted colors. Having a interior design background myself,I find his work very sleek and interesting. Now, if only I could just get him to come to my house and give me a hand with some designing here!


  1. um....when he's done wiht you, can he come do mean my house?

  2. Preston is sexy, sexy, sexy.

    Mark :-)


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