Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I just had to interrupt my vacation to wish one of my dearest and OLDEST friends a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. Pearly Gates was kind enough to let me post from her lovely shack of the beach.... Today is my good friend and sister Mame's aka David Dust's birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! I would have baked you a cake, but alas, I don't have a pan long enough to fit that many candles on it!! Now I know some of you know my sister Mame, not from her legendary drinking habits, or her keen eye talents for picking just the right hot go-go boy bar, or even her knowledge of where every damn Arby's is located, but from her legendary blog David Dust. She is doing just fine, and in a text today the old hag said she enjoyed a lovely Birthday Happy Hour out last night to celebrate the occasion. Knowing her, she probably closed down the Village last night!!!

The old gal looks pretty good for 105 wouldn't you say??? I also have the feeling these weren't the only  pearls necklaces she received last night! But after seeing this picture, and she being my guide through life, you can now see where I, as her much much younger friend got my fashion sense. Now back to my drinking and debaching, site seeing and responsible behavior.
Love ya girl!!!!!
Love your crown!!!
Love always-


  1. Happy Birthday David Dust! I see you and Maddie love your pearl necklaces! And I sure miss your blog and humor.

  2. I'm not sure I'm more amazed at Maddies memory, or her dropping the men and booze to wish you a birthday from my shack. Remind me to cut that bitch. I'll shack her!!!! But hope your day was a happy one!

  3. How many re-writes do we think it took the Mistress to get this done? Happy Birthday Dear!!!!!

  4. so this is who showed the Mistress how to guzzle properly. and if your like Maddie, you had at least two hand fulls last night.

    1. The last time I saw Mame, Maddie and I were visiting. It was snowing so we hit the liquor store. And then it was morning.

  5. Happy Birthday Darling Mame! Any friend of The Mistress is a friend of mine.

    And to you Mistress, Hope you behaving. *tries to keep a straight face*

  6. Happy Birthday to you Mr.Dust!!!!! I just adore your birthday crown! Hope all is well with you Mistress. Have you and the Lad left the house yet?

  7. HOLY CRAP! I used to read that blog and LOVED IT! He was so funny. Hope you birthday was a good one! Had no idea your friends, but now this explains alot.


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