Monday, December 23, 2013


As busy as I was this weekend, I actually had a nice relaxing time! Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan was here yesterday, after my baking and nap, and he wanted to go START his holiday shopping, still laughing, I'm an evil queen so I told him to stay over Saturday night, make a night of it, and then we could go have a fun day in King of Prussia. Yes, your right, I am crazy to think of shopping in a mecca like this the last weekend before Christmas!!!! I never claimed to be the brightest bulb on Broadway. But we went prepared.........and followed the white lines.
Beverages for the road. I tend to parch a lot. I had thought there'd be more traffic. but there wasn't. I was going for shits and giggles, I was long done with my shopping, so it would be entertaining to watch MM#1F do his fifty yard dash! What I enjoyed on the excursion....
The beautiful tree and carousal where the kiddies go to see Santa and I ogle the hot daddies....
Loved the mannequins treatment here at Burberry! There were some valets walking around like such too....
The ceiling in this kids toy shop was covered in snowflakes...very cool....
Loved this wall treatment in the Tory Burch Showroom...
The Mistress's new house frock...
Then we got to this shop, and it had the Mistress written all over it! I was in love with all the upside down tress through out...... so many pretty things and some good inspiration....
We were going to act like two teenage boys in love and make a gratuitous scene of the bed, but didn't want to turn on the guy waiting on us, or get throw out, I plan on going back many times!!!! How fabulous is this!!!!
Perfect ottoman for my boys to stand on and be judged....
 How cool.........
More shiny things....
Thanks to Arhaus, and Jeffery for letting me take the pictures.
At around 7 the parking lot was still packed....
On the way back to the Casa we passed the William Penn Inn, a lovely Inn and legendary restaurant in these sparkly....    and very HANDSOME waiters...
And from that lovely new shop came these bird ornaments home with me to add to the tree.
It's lovely shopping, being done for a change, and watching the march of the panicked toy soldiers!  Tootles!


  1. I betcha you went RIGHT PAST my casa on the way to KoP and didn't even notice!

    love the new birdies!

  2. Those tree branches!!
    Enjoyed the tour. :-)

  3. Wow, that shop looks incredible!!!! I could go nuts in there. I love the king of Prussia mall. Its always so pretty at the holidays!

  4. Sounds like a nice afternoon for you at least, but why did you take the rolling pin with you in your jeans!!!!!!!!! Sorry.

    1. Had I been there, I probably would have handled the stick shift.

  5. That place looked fabulous!

  6. You are a true friend indeed to venture out to the mall this close to Christmas. The crowds and noise would drive me mental.

  7. I promise to act surprised when my new house frock shows up. You didn't fool me by saying it was for you.

  8. That tree with the lights in it at the inn is amazing!!! How do they get it so perfect?

  9. Good old William Penn inn. Lovely place. I will have to check out that store you were in. I saw quite a few things...........

  10. That mall looks insane bit chic. Had I worked in that store id encouraged you two to get on the bed, and remove some clothes;)


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