Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grande Dame

As American Idol's Danny Noriega....now known as Adora Delano might say, this is almost too much to handle. Rumors that the wild child Season 7 Idol, famous for his perfectly purple-streaked emo hair, skinny ties, and sassing back to Simon Cowell, has just signed up for another, very different reality competition..RuPaul's Drag Race! And Danny is looking very different these days, too. Since then, Danny, now age 24, has reinvented himself as the fabulous drag queen Adore Delano, performing in drag shows across Southern California and rubbing glittery shoulders with all kinds of queens. Adore even auditioned for "Drag Race" last season, narrowly missing the cut. But when Season 6 premieres in February 2014, Adore Delano will finally get her close up, interestingly, she will be competing against the extremely talented Courtney Act, a veteran of "Australian Idol," so this will be a very Idolicious season. And for only doing drag for only a year and a half, Adora has got quite some versatility with her looks....



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  1. Anonymous12/10/2013

    Ha! The second from last pic looks like Kathy Griffin. Love it!


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