Monday, December 3, 2012

Eye Twitching again.........It's Monday....

Hellooo...hope everyone had a fabulous weekend... I did. Some decorating, and a night out with a firemen in Dolyestown to welcome the holidays in... now time to complain again -  and of course it's another Monday, and my eyes are twitching already...we can never postpone Monday?! Some of us are eagerly waiting for work to begin. Monday mornings always seem to be here all too soon. Just when we are getting used to the weekend and Whoosh! — it's already flown by all too soon! But no matter how much we might moan or groan, or bitch, there is no escaping darlings...

I say- don't let Mondays get us down. Let's get our spirits up and moving again! Take a deep breath...Darlings and charge on, full steam ahead. And just in case you find it hard, here are some ways to chase the Monday blues away...with the fabulous Willam Bellini..........

I say let us all enjoy some beautiful style, some bright baubles, laying in furs, and enjoying some hard candy! Willam has really grown on alot of us, and for good reason, she doesn't take life serious, and knows how to have fun! Miss Thing has really come into her own since Drag Race, and is becoming queen of the song parody, like, Love You Like a Big Slong Baby, much better in my opinion then Selena Gomez's Love You Like A Love song Baby. Puts a smile on my face, as does the video.

Now, after the day, my favorite part will be reading your blogs, and enjoying some red wine. hopefully looking as fabulous as Willam!

Well, I just wanna have some FUN on Mondays from now on! Hoping you do the same!


  1. If only you were closer! I've been tearing my hair out over my Christmas decs.

    1. I think right now I love much more help you plays in decorations, and then a gin!

  2. I can imagine this time of year makes for an extra stressful Monday morning for your profession. (Glad Willam is doing well :-)

  3. Luckily, my Monday doesn't come until Tuesday, as I work from home--work....that's funny--on Mondays.

  4. first must say Love william she totally cracks me up some of my favorite tweets come form her. As for you sweetie it's this time of season that makes me glad I am not in your shoes for I would be screaming from the stress. Hope your week is a good one

  5. I know that the crown she wears in candy would make me day! I love Willam, what a great spread of him!

  6. i like dick a ton,
    and some balls, foreskin, and perineum (that's the taint!)
    and i guess right now well i'll suck you son
    and then call your friends to come dump and run
    on them balls i'll hum.......

    Gotta love Willam!

  7. Willam's blinking totally reminds me of you on a Monday at work!!!! William will continue to be strong and do great things. Nice Monday post.

  8. Willam is witty and tons of fun to watch, you and this post made my Monday!

  9. Happy Monday Mistress! Now that picture has my eyes twitching.

  10. I didn't think anyone hated Mondays more than I! Hope it was a good one.

  11. Happy Monday Mistress! Willam rocks... and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

  12. Your Monday post and Willam made definitely made my afternoon!

  13. I love Mondays now that I'm retired. Oh yes!


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