Friday, December 21, 2012

Bubble,Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Do you remember those Christmas lights that were called bubble lights? The one above was given to me by the Dame Courtney, and now she has me wanting more. Course, she has that kind of personality! And some look like the one below, that my grandmother had. She also at one time, had them all over her tree. They are so cool to watch

Bubble Lights came out after WWII, NOMA introduced the first bubble light set to the public. Since that time, an assortment of manufacturers came out with their own brand and style of bubble light. Pictured here are a few types of miniature and candelabra base bubble lights from the late 40’s throughout the 50’s.

Still more types and styles of bubble lights were introduced, but the picture above was the last great hurrah for American Manufacturers as the Japanese were about to come out with a new product toward the end of the 1950’s – the mini light. With so many more little lights per set, not to mention they were cool burning and cheap, this was the beginning of the end for American made Christmas lights, to the current time. You can still find bubble lights in antique markets and speciality Christmas shops, but don't they just scream old nostalgia Christmas? I'm just a sucker for the traditional Christmas I guess. Meanwhile, I hear the colored lights made a huge resurgence this season.


  1. I remember those from when I was a kid. :-)

  2. Bubble lights were my #1 favorite thing about xmas....

  3. Bubble lights were slightly before my time. I never saw any at all, actually, until I was an adult in the late 1970s -- and of course, they were "vintage" by that time.


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