Thursday, December 20, 2012

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

The Mistress would like to thank her swell sponsors at this time for their quality products. And should you need a last minute gift idea.........

It's always better to go gay........always!

Because good suction is always important......and the attachments can't hurt.
I know I am!!!!!!!!

Can't go wrong with a good libation.....

And don't first......


  1. These are great ads, and I could easily picture myself getting my dress caught while holding balls.

  2. And really not much different from the LowT or ED ads....

  3. Oh my gosh! These are some of the cutest ads I've ever seen

  4. Do the Dean's Peacocks come in large size?

  5. LOL, how politically incorrect to see Santa crusing her legs in the stockings ad!


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