Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas at Tiffany's & Co, and the Three B's

Well, shall we continue our tour of the Holiday windows? It just wouldn’t be the holidays in New York City without the extravagant window displays that add more sparkle to the already bright and bustling stores on Fifth Avenue. And it's always one of my favorite parts of the job. Like Bergdorf Goodman you can almost always count on Tiffany's & Co to create a special window, and this year they didn't disappoint, and continued tradition with their signature blue color. And when viewing their windows, one must remember that these spaces are only about 2x3 ft square of space to do a display. And being in visual, I feel jewelry is one of the toughest things to display creativity, and they always have some interesting windows. How romantic are these...........

Van Cleef and Arpels....so dreamy, and love the framing.

Over at my favorite store in New York, the fabulous Henri Bendels. Like Bergdorf’s, from last week's post, this year’s Bendel’s windows, titled “Deco the Halls” are celebrating the 1920′s. The windows are appropriately Gastby-esque featuring fun-filled party scenes attended by pretty mannequins with bob haircuts. At the window unveiling, it was announced that Henri Bendel had donated $1 million to the city for Hurricane relief efforts.Inside the store you’ll find a whopping 15-foot-tall Art Deco tree, with an over sized champagne glass in place filled with a mannequin, and a reproduction of the original mirrored staircase that stood in the first Bendel’s location. I enjoyed shopping there also, although my wallet was screaming.

Over at the Mistress's little ole store we did windows inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s upcoming 3D film “Cirque du Soleil: World’s Away” where the great "B" chose the avant garde route with windows that include such scenes as a man with jellyfish-like tentacles bouncing up and down, to a man and woman dancing in the air, supported by nothing but white ribbons

Meanwhile over at Burberry, they kept a simple clean statement with gold balls title Holiday Balloons..........

So many shiny objects. Can you see why after a day of seeing windows the Mistress is mentally tired and in need of gin?


  1. I have no words for those Tiffany's windows. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. I hadn't seen your windows, how avant gaude! And I can not wait for that movie to come out. When I walk the city now, I always notice the windows, thanks to you! Tiffany's, when I saw them, reminded me of you right quick!

  3. I just got back from the West Coast, CA, and I have to say the feeling of Christmas just doesn't compare to the East, in spirit or window design. I love them all! And Im a huge Bendel's whore myself.

  4. I like the Tiffany brooch reclining on the Victorian fainting couch!

  5. When you mentioned Tiffany's I was about to throw on a Givenchy black dress, then remembered I don't have one. Their displays are always amazing, and this year they made Burberry look uninspiring.

  6. oH Mistress, yours and all are very beautiful! The blue box is calling me in for a visit to Tiffany's! That should be ugly.

  7. Maddie darling your windows are just the cream of the crop

  8. Maddie, felt like I was just at a show, concert, and play, all in ten seconds. Marvelous! :)


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