Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The other day at the jumble sale for the kids charity the community is running, I was discussing Mrs Claire Pits- Seymour and her husband with Phoebe Bixler.
"I'm telling you it's trueHe seems enthralled by her. He takes her on holiday three times a year. He took her to Majorca,Tenerife, and  this year he's taking her skiing." I says.

Phoebe Bixler replies " That's very flash."  I says "Well, that what Claire Pits Seymour  was telling Wendy Applewhite the other day down at the beauty....and that's another thing.... what she spends in there on her looks is obscene."

Phoebe says. " Oh it's a dead give away. Show me an expensive hairstyle, and I'll show you someone who is no better than they should be.  I always think, tidy, but unattractive is the way. It's the soundest way for a unblemished reputation."

To which I says " You got it cracked then haven't you?."

But we don't think it's as peachy as she lets on. There were the pesky rumors a few weeks back Mr.Pits- Seymour was giving the church organist, Ms Brikenkshore a" few lessons" one week on the organ. Whether it's true or not who knows. But the following Sunday they say she played terribly out of tune.  


  1. Brilliant funny gossip...carry on..

  2. She just needs more practice playing that organ. Practice makes perfect!

  3. Rumor has it, you have given a few organ lessons over the years, play well?

  4. Nothing like a event to get the gossip flowing.

  5. Perhaps it was a simple matter of showing that organist some Brotherly Love. :-D

  6. Are you drinking the for gut again?


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