Friday, January 15, 2016


Plenty of women feel transformed when they put on their faces in the morning. A little makeup, like lipstick, mascara and foundation, for instance, can magically take them from drab to fab on the outside despite how they feel underneath with just a few brush strokes.
Drag queens — men dressing as ultra-glamorous women — also go through a metamorphosis in order to go from he to über-she. Photographer Leland Bobbé‘s Half-Drag . . . A Different Kind of Beauty series explores the male and alter-ego female side of some of New York’s most famous drag queens “in order to explore the cross over between males and females and to break down the physical barriers that separate them,” Bobbé says. There’s no digital fancywork involved in the portraits — each subject is completely transformed into a queen on one half of the face while the other shows the male side. The drag transformation has always been my favorite part of drag.
 Roxxy Brooks

Maddelyne Hatter
Kittin Withawhip 
Sherry Vine
Jessica Payge Daye 

Honey LaBronx

Pusse Couture

Crystal Demure


Magnolia Applebottom

Jordon Fox


  1. A drag friend of mine made me up once. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't know if I should gasp or be in awe of what he'd done. Its quite amazing what make up can do. I love seeing those tutorials

  2. These are amazing to see! Nice to see the original guy and than what the inner diva looks like. I love Magnolia Applebottom's style

  3. Those are so cool! Live the names.

  4. What a cool concept! That would be cool for a drag show sometime. Half drag half man. I've been wanting to try that out sometime.

  5. wow, Jessica looks hot in and out of drag!

  6. Interesting photographs! I love the idea of showing the two sides. The transformations are certainly striking

  7. It is almost a mystical alchemical transformation. I have always been fascinated by the in-face out-of-face differences in my friends and other performers.I really think it is quite beautiful.

  8. I wouldn't upset Kittin Withawhip I believe. Stunning pictures.

  9. Some of those guys are quite adorable out of drag


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