Sunday, January 3, 2016


Marlene Dietrich’s Zabaglione

Never had a Zabaglione? Why they are just delish!!!! Over the holidays I made them once. Zabaglione, is an Italian dessert, or sometimes a beverage, made with egg yolks, sugar, and a sweet wine. The dessert version is a light custard, whipped to incorporate a large amount of air. Since the 1960s, in restaurants in areas of the United States with large Italian populations, zabaione is usually served with strawberries, blueberries, ect.  This recipe was from Marlene Dietrich's books.....
“Mix three yolks of eggs with three tablespoons of sugar until the mixture is creamy and whitish. Then add a bit more than half a cup of Marsala wine. Mix. In a double boiler beat the mixture with an eggbeater till it rises. Do not boil the mixture. Use a large enough pot so that it can rise almost to double the amount. If you are courageous you can forget about the double boiler and do it on a direct low flame.
Serve it in wide-topped glasses while it is warm.”
After trying it I must say, I can see why these were her favorite drink/dessert.
Between them and the egg's a good thing I'll be seeing the Lad for a while and work off those pesky calories.


  1. push it in, pull it out, move it round, then you shake it all about!

  2. There is something undeniably glamorous and edgy about zabaglione – my mother made a great one, too. I thank you for the sensual and nostalgic delights, I had almost forgotten about this treat.

  3. An absolutely fantastic and incredibly simple recipe. I made it once, and I layered it in glasses alternating with berries, parfait style, and it was a hit.

  4. Never had it...but sure sounds yummy!

  5. Mistress, for 2016...
    Let's make it a good one. All the best!

  6. Never had one, but it sounds delicious.


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