Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There is always something to do in our great city of Philadelphia and surrounding area. I recently got two emails from readers who wonder what to see when in the area. One of them was from Monkey Tamer who will be in town this weekend. BEWARE! If you live here already or will be visiting, get out and enjoy some of the socials.
This weekend I and friends, and a good part of the LGBTQ community will be enjoying the beautiful fall weather for our 25th Outfestt!!! 
The largest National Coming Out Day event in the world in the heart of the Gayborhood! Our 25th Anniversary! Celebrate the city’s marvelous LGBTQ beautiful and historic community with music, alfresco dinning, and drinks, drag and live performances, shopping, outdoor dance parties and much more, all along the downtown streets. The festival will fill areas from Spruce Street to Walnut Street from Juniper to Quince streets. Click here for the complete festival map. Festivalgoers will also find an outdoor bar outside of Woody’s, an alfresco dance party in front of Tabu and karaoke outside of Knock. While the festival technically ends at 7 p.m., the party hardly stops then. Count on Outfest parties continuing until the wee hours at bars and restaurants throughout the Gayborhood. Looking for more on the Gayborhood? Check right here for even more ideas on ways to spend the weekend.
Also this weekend....
There is ALWAYS something going on at my ever faithful Raven Resort. Come hang and support us queens, and some lovely cock-a-tails! And soon to be added will be Striper Thursdays!!
And remember.....the first Fridays of every month is 1st Fridays. One of the area's best artwalks. There is nothing more picturesque then these two river towns in the Autumn. 
And then if your looking for a more laid back, crazy evening, you can join the Mistress and company at the Casa du Borghese for late night antics.......


  1. sounds like a lot of fun times ahead :-)

  2. Now this makes me want to move! I love where I live , but there is next to no events to attend, let alone gay events. Will you be my tour guide?

  3. National Coming Out Day is technically marked in Canada as well but it's not all that big here because the date corresponds to our Thanksgiving Day and most people are busy celebrating that instead. Of course, how many people have come out over the years at Thanksgiving when all their family is assembled, LOL? Maybe the date is more significant than it seems.

  4. The outfest sounds like a good time. But can't imagine what antics go on at the casa!?!

    1. picture the orgy scene from "caligula" and you will nail it!

  5. I never realised there were coming out festivals. Is there some kind of initiation ritual for people who publicly declare their gayness?

  6. So much to do ... and so far from Smallville.

  7. I think the outfest sounds like alot of fun! What a great way to have someone come out and feel safe in numbers. It would definitely be memorable. Sounds like the raven is the place to be every week.

  8. It sure sounds like there is much going on there - - and great support of the LGBTQ community. How fabulous is that???

  9. What a nice sense of community. So many funs things to do!


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