Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Veruca la Piranha along with her boisterous club-kid aesthetic emerged from the very beginning of her drag career a full decade ago. She made it a goal from the start of her career to embody and reclaim the larger-than-life, brightly colored styles she saw in the 90’s NYC queens whom she so admired. Her eclectic fashion and versatile performances reflect her fear of getting stuck in one look. Veruca draws inspiration for her drag from all over the place, but some of her biggest inspirations include Divine, Leigh Bowrey, Kenny Kenny, Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, old Gregg Araki films. The versatility she exhibits on stage has caused her to be dubbed a “chameleon” within the drag world, with people drawing comparisons between Veruca's own flexibility and that of Linda Evangelista. Whether she is performing a traditional lip sync number or creeping around a fog filled room to a spooky Portishead track, Veruca’s performances never fail to keep people on their toes and entertained! Veruca is based in Pittsburgh, PA, but frequently visits New York City, where she spent a period of time living and working in 2010. You can catch her performing regularly at The Blue Moon and other drag shows around Pittsburgh!



  1. She has a GREAT drag name. Love that B & W photo!

  2. Great performer!!!! She's our home town gal!

  3. That black hat photo by Austin Young looks like it could have been inspired by Grace Jones!

  4. Wow! I love these Grande dame post. So hard to believe there men!


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